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Teacher Magazine's regular column on the use of technology in schools.

Online book swapping, a cost-effective alternative to traditional book stores, is gaining popularity with teachers. July 10, 2007 – Teacher (Web)

Being tech-savvy starts with learning keyboard skills. April 20, 2007 – Teacher

Are video games finally ready to get serious? February 26, 2007 – Teacher

You've heard of Murphy's Law. How about Murphy's Lab? December 22, 2006 – Teacher

If you're going to blog, make sure you have something to say. November 10, 2006 – Teacher

Why searching the Web demands an educational guide. September 29, 2006 – Teacher

Many educators find value in essay-grading software. August 10, 2006 – Teacher

Technology's potential and what it can actually do are still on separate tracks. April 14, 2006 – Teacher

When to use the crop of new handheld gadgets, and when to turn them off. February 17, 2006 – Teacher

Computers alone won't help kids compete in a global job market. December 21, 2005 – Teacher

Technology grants haven't always proved to be a gift that keeps on giving. September 30, 2005 – Teacher

With online schools growing, it's time to reevaluate face-to-face contact. August 12, 2005 – Teacher

A new national technology plan lacks one thing: Vision. April 15, 2005 – Teacher

Academic performance is important both to teachers and to caring parents. Given this common goal, they’re natural partners, but all too often, communication between them is inadequate, inconvenient, and belated. February 18, 2005 – Teacher

Turning a technology mandate into a legitimate learning experience. December 27, 2004 – Teacher

A new study revisits worries about kids and computers. November 12, 2004 – Teacher

Is a personal investment in technology and the hours it takes to learn about it worthwhile? October 7, 2004 – Teacher

I'll confess I have little patience for most classes and workshops, whether they’re about technology or anything else. Sitting, even for a few hours, and listening to a presenter drone does little for me except help develop a strong empathy for our kids. October 7, 2004 – Teacher

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