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Superpaint combines both paint and draw graphics capabilities into a single, easy-touse program. Superpaint is available through authorized education resellers. Available for Macintosh. Price: $99. Aldus/ Silicon Beach Software, 411 First Ave., S., Seattle, WA 98104. Gr. K-12.

Practical Music Theory

Implements a drill-and-practice approach to music-theory instruction, beginning with the basics of music notation and ending with chord inversions. Correlates with student workbooks. Six-diskette set. Sandy Feldstein, author. Alfred Publishing Co. Inc.; (818) 891-5999. Gr. 6-12.


Lets you animate images with a single command; move multiple objects over complex backgrounds; control movement, sound, keyboard, and mouse for standalone presentations. Available for Commodore. Paul Mace Software Inc.; (503) 4882322. Gr. 7-12 and higher education.

Texture Classic

An intermediate/professional music sequencing and composition program for IBM and compatible computers. Price: $199. Demo disk available. Magnetic Music, 6 Twin Rocks Road, Brookfield, CT 06804-1910; (203) 775-7832. Gr. 8-12.


CoDraw is an interactive, menu-driven program that lets you draw whatever you want. Unlike paint programs, CoDraw allows you to edit any object in the drawing. Flexible and easy to use. Supports all common screens, printers, and plotters. CoHort Software; (415) 524-9878.

Story Problems

Build skills and confidence with the use of the computer. After a story is presented, students answer multiple-choice questions. Apple II family. Amidon Publications, 1966 Benson Ave., St. Paul, MN 551163299; (612) 690-2401. Gr. 3-6, remedial 7-9.

WordPerfect: Beginning To Advanced Skills

Quickly teaches user to create professional documents, letters, memos, reports, and newsletters. LEARN-PC's WordPerfect will let you train your entire staff to harness the productive power of WordPerfect 5.0. Call (800) LEARN-PC.

Kinder Koncepts

Thirty programs that deal with readiness skills at the kindergarten level. Fifteen math programs and 15 readiness programs. Free backup disks. Price: $99, plus $2 shipping. Demo disk available for Apple. Midwest Software; (800) 422-0095. Gr. preK-remedial 1.

Early Learning I

Uses sight and sound to teach colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. Teacher control includes level of difficulty, rate of advancement, and records management. Keyboard overlays included. Apple. Price: $75. Thirty-day preview available. Marblesoft; (612) 434-3704. Gr. preK-3.

Talking First Words

High-resolution graphics, animation, and human speech encourage youngsters to recognize and create words. Discovery activities give children opportunities to work with words and read new vocabulary. Call (800) 672-6002 for information on Talking Schoolhouse software programs.

Bilingual Reading Comprehension

Alternate between Spanish and English on any screen. Thirty-six motivating stories with remediation and colorful, animated graphics. Thirty-day preview. Educational Publishing Concepts, 61 E. Main St., Walla Walla, WA 99362; (800) 323-9459. Gr. 1-5.

Spanish Assistant

Helps user translate, write, and study Spanish. Includes English-Spanish translator, grammar help, bilingual dictionaries, and more. French, German, and Italian are also available. IBM. Price: $79.95. MicroTac Software; (800) 366-4170. Gr. 6-12.

Clef: French

Computer-assisted learning exercises contain movement, graphics, interactive material. Price: $550 for 20 disks that work with PC (CGA) color; $35ÿfor two-lesson disk; $19.95 for one-lesson disk that works with Commodore C64; $499 for 30-disk set. Gessler; (212) 627-0099.

The Spanish Contest

Multiple-choice questions on grammar and culture. Explanations of answers make this a teaching, as well as a testing, program. Hundreds of questions for practice and review. Apple, IBM, Macintosh. Price: $39.95, including backup disk; $150 for network version. Lingo Fun Inc.; (614) 882-8258.

Deutshe Grammatik: Der-Die-Das

Review and quiz program covering declension of definite articles, various prepositions, and verbs governing use of cases. Each section gives rules, examples, and questions. Exam reviews all topics. Apple. Price: $31.95. Free catalog. Gessler; (212) 627-0099.

Salsa: Writing Assistant For Spanish

An innovative, user-friendly software to improve students' writing skills: a word processor with rapid access to three megabytes of Spanish language "helps.'' For MS-DOS machines, with or without networking. Interlex Associates Inc., P.O. Box 252, Ithaca, NY 14851; (607) 387-9688. Circle Reader Service #3.


Six PostScript and bitmap fonts, operates on Macintosh 6.0.3; miniWriter for bidirectional word processing; full vowel points and accents for both English and Hebrew. Linguist's Software Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130. Fax: (206) 771-5911.

Basic Vocabulary Builder On Computer

Two diskettes and a user manual presented in a vinyl storage binder. Provides hours of challenge and enjoyment in building basic vocabulary in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Price: $59.95 per language. National Textbook Co.; (800) 323-4900.

Culture Poker

Students are dealt seven topics at random from 14 subjects covering vocabulary, grammar, culture, and history. Apple II. Available in French, Spanish, and German. Price: $29.95 per language; $79.95 for complete set. Gessler; (212) 627-0099.


Three PostScript fonts with corresponding screen fonts up to 48-point size for Macintosh. Includes accents, breathing marks, iota subscripts, Nestle-Aland typeface, and critical sigla. Price: $99.95. Linguist's Software Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130. All levels.


Macintosh pinyin-operating system with more than 6,000 simplified characters. MiniWriter for double-byte word processing, plus English system traditional font and pinyin microsoft word glossary. Price: $99.95. Linguist's Software Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130.

Mesadventure Culturelle

French reading program with 12 minidramas that reveal differences and similarities between cultures. Includes built-in dictionary. Promotes student involvement. Apple II, TRS-80 I, III, IV. Price: $29.95. Gessler, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099.

National Foreign Language Exam

Audio plus software. Contains official AATSP and AATG questions and AATF exam format. Levels I-IV. Apple, IBM. Free catalog. Price: $49.95 per level per language; $180 per set per language. Available for French, Spanish, and German. Gessler; (212) 627-0099.

Bataille De Mots

Two-diskette, five-part French vocabulary program. Contains editor, arcade game, and color graphics. IBM, Apple. Price: $49.95. Catalog of Spanish, French, German, and ESL software available. Gessler Publishing, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099.

Learning Co. Programs In French

Series of problem-solving software adapted from award-winning learning company programs. Secrets De Gertrude, Puzzes De Gertrude, Parade Des Marionettes, Hotel Des Marionettes, L'Odysee Du Robot, Les Jeux Du Bourdon, and more. Apple II. Price: $34.95 each. Gessler; (212) 6270099.

The Poet's Pen

Research-supported software that teaches students to write three specific poetic forms: diamente, cinquain, and haiku. Available for Appleshare network, standard version. Price: $39.95 for each poetic form; $113.85 for complete set. Data Command; (800) 528-7390.

Pik Pek Put

In a game much like tic-tac-toe, students put their word skills to work against the computer. Eight programs. Apple II family or TRS-80 Model III. Price: $29.95 each; $227.50 for complete set. Data Command; (800) 528-7390.


Helps writers eliminate problems such as wordiness, vagueness, poor usage, and punctuation errors. Designed for use by composition instructors, Editor reads texts produced by most popular word-processing programs. IBM compatible. Price: $45. To order, call (800) 955-TASL.

The Electronic Bookshelf

A literature-based, whole-language reading program with quizzes for 4,500 trade titles. Computer grades and records all quizzes and verifies comprehension. The Electronic Bookshelf Inc., RR 9, Box 64, Frankfort, IN 46041. Gr. K-12.

Failure-Free Reading

Breakthrough for non-readers. This integrated program teaches as well as reinforces basic reading. Age-appropriate materials. Survival vocabulary. Primary and secondary levels. Available from JFL Enterprises, 31 Georgia St., N.W., Concord, NC 28025; (704) 786-7838.

Composition Testing Program

The Writing Evaluation System's testing program provides comprehensive information with the "profile rubric'' to identify writer's strengths and weaknesses. Do-ityourself with the Profile CompScan Program. Free brochure. (405) 842-4021.

The Sentence Master

A new approach for children who have failed in reading due to trouble with phonics, oral language, ESL, or impulsive learning styles. Emphasizes over-learning of non-content words: is, the, here, etc. Three levels use speech, graphics, and animation. Laureate; (800) 562-6801.

Teacher's Aid For 12 An Hour

Self-paced courses in language skills. Any MS-DOS PC can help you teach word usage, grammar, punctuation, or the keyboard. Each course scores and reports performances of up to 48 students. MHP Communications, P.O. Box 71, Perrineville, NJ 08535.

VERSATEXT Reading Package

An integrated reading-skills-development package for IBM and Macintosh. It includes an authoring system, instruction system, and up to 150 ready-to-use lessons. Price: $30-$1,100. Site licensing available. ICD Corp., 750 N. 200 W., Provo, UT 84601; (801) 373-3233, or (800) 658-8567.


An interactive, menu-driven program that lets you easily plot data and equations. Algebraic and trigonometric equations can be simply typed in. Very flexible and easy to use. IBM compatible. Supports all common screens, printers, and plotters. CoHort Software; (415) 524-9878.

Everyday Mathematics

PC-compatible software that allows students to practice and improve problemsolving skills involving basic principles. Program includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability and statistics. Innovative Technologies in Education; (407) 859-8525.

Math 1, Math 2, Math 3

Offers proven method for children solving word problems. Classroom-tested, textbookcorrelated software designed by educators, for educators. Decision Development Corp., 2680 Bishop Drive, Suite 122, San Ramon, CA 94583; (415) 830-8896.


In minutes, create tests and work sheets based on your choice of objectives, from calculus to basic math. Prints complex technical notation, charts and graphs. Looking Glass Learning Products, 276 E. Howard Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60018; (800) 545-5457.

Bio Sci II Videodisc

Award-winning biology videodisc accesses thousands of images instantly. Contains 100 movies, 500 computer graphics, seven full dissections, cell anatomy, protein synthesis, and much more. Price: $549. Free catalog. Videodiscovery Inc.; (800) 5483472.


Bring chaos, the new science, into your classroom by using EduTech's Chaos Plus

. . .software on any Apple II computer. Price: $75, plus shipping and handling. Ask for order CP1T. Free catalog and demo disk. EduTech, 1927 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609; (716) 4823151.

Comprehensive Chemistry Curriculum

An integrated learning system. Combines Exploring Chemistry, an interactive videodisc lab in general chemistry, Introduction to General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry by Stan Smith, University of Illinois. Educom/Encryptal Awards, 1987 and 1989. Falcon Software; (603) 764-5788. Gr. 12 and higher education. Circle Reader Service #108.

Global Mission

Simulation for IBM places the user in a regional office of a global news network as a research assistant. Successful research results in promotions leading to director's position. Available for Japan, China, and Germany--others soon. Price: $59.95 per country; $149.95 for complete set. ICD Corp.; (800) 658-8567. Gr. 5-12. Circle Reader Service #30.

Time Navigator Leaps Back

Hones sequencing skills and historical knowledge from 1776 through 1900. Students choose most recent of three items in history from categories of headlines, conversations, books, artifacts, or arts. MECC, 3490 Lexington Ave., N., St. Paul, MN 55126. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Multiple Choices

Create your own tests. Input material for any grade level, any curriculum area, and this software program will transform the data into your choice of nine different kinds of quizzes and activities. Preview copy available. Mindscape Educational Software; (800) 829-1900.

Culture 1.0 Hypermedia Guide

Contextual guide to Western civilization. Organizes 5,000 people, places, and events by country, discipline, and generation. Available for Macintosh or DOS. Price: $175; $35 for the workbook. Cultural Resources Inc., 30 Iroquois Road, Cranford, NJ 07016; (908) 709-1574.


Create and print timelines: Simply type in any set of events in any order, and TimeLiner does the rest. Print banner timelines on any topic. Price: $59.95 for Apple II or MS-DOS; $69.95 for Macintosh. Tom Snyder Productions, 90 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140; (800) 342-0236.

PC Globe 4.0

An integrated package of maps, data, and graphics gives users an instant profile of 190 countries. Along with detailed maps of each country's elevations and natural features, provides population trends, age distribution, health statistics, climate trends, and political and economic data. PC Globe; (602) 730-9000.

Skills Tutors

Compete against the clock for high score with The Multiplication Tables Tutor. Learn the rules of spelling with The Spelling Tutor. Certificates of completion. Printouts. Apple II. Price: $49.50 each. 5th of July Productions, 122 Sunrise Drive, North Massapequa, NY 11758; (516) 2938694. Circle Reader Service #112.

CVC Picture--Word Program

Create custom-designed language activities of consonant-vowel-consonant activities. Useful for articulation disorders and word-attack skills. This seven-diskette set contains more than 800 CVC words with corresponding pictures. Apple II family. Amidon Publications; (612) 690-2401.

Knowledge Master

For tests, academic competition, or classroom activities, contains thousands of accurate, challenging questions that cover all curriculum areas for grades 5-12. Academic Hallmarks, P.O. Box 998, Durango, CO 81302; (800) 321-9218.

Test Quest

Test-generating program supports multiple-choice, true or false, completion, matching, and essay questions. Efficient text editor, on-line help function, random answers, answer key. IBM. Price: $99. Snowflake Software, 8 Cedar Heights Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572; (914) 876-3328.

ASK IT: An Authoring Program

Teachers can now create interactive tests and tutorials with only word-processing skills--no programming involved. All subjects, all grade levels. True BASIC Inc. will even publish teachers' question bases and pay royalties. Price: $69.95. Free catalog available. True BASIC Inc.; (800) 8722742.

The Greater Grader

Grade record-keeping system allows unlimited assignments and weighs similar aspects of assignments. Twelve reports include missing assignments, report cards, and class grade sheets/reports. Apple. Price: $74.95; $5 for demo disk. Ability Systems, P.O. Box 5888, Lynnwood, WA 98046.

Gradebook Deluxe

Stores 255 grades per student, 40 students per class. Accepts grades as letters, points, or percents, and can drop lowest grade. Accepts missing, excused, or extra-credit grades. Calculates class median, mean, standard deviation, and grade distribution. Prints five individual and class reports by name or ID code. Apple II. Price: $79.95 each; $174.95 with school site license. EduSoft; (800) 338-7638. Circle Reader Service #12.


TestMaker macros installed on AppleWorks (v.2.0-.3.0) to write, edit, scramble, sort, select, save, and print multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true or false, vocabulary, and glossary formats plus answer key. Price: $24.95, plus $2 shipping and handling. TestMaker, 912 Kingsley Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. Circle Reader Service #24.

Grade Machine

Fast, full-screen editing of grades, weighted assignment of categories, and customized reports. Many special features for elementary, secondary, and college teachers. Money-back guarantee. Not copy-protected. Price: $74.95, Macintosh; $59.95, IBM or Apple II, plus $3.50 shipping and handling (and 8.2 percent tax in Washington). Misty City Software, 10921 129th Place, N.E., Kirkland, WA 98033; (206) 828-3107. Mention this listing and save $10. Circle Reader Service #68.


An award-winning grading program for all grade levels. Powerful and easy to use. Extensive options allow it to adapt to almost any teacher's needs. Sixty-day guarantee. Price: $65, IBM; $45, Apple. Intuitech, 69 S. 400 E., Orem, UT 84058; (801) 226-2583. Circle Reader Service #14.

Projac's Comput-A-Grade

Teacher grade book and reporting program. Winner of CCL Award of Excellence. Sixty-five students and 99 assignments per class. Unlimited classes, flex grading systems. Calculates grades, analyzes assignments, prints variety of performance reports for students, parents, and administrators. Special elementary version available. Available for IBM compatible and Apple II. Price: $49.95. Thirty-day moneyback guarantee. Projac Software, P.O. Box 8357, Mission Hills, CA 91346; (818) 8863234. Circle Reader Service #125.


Animated graphics teach correct keyboarding. Skill check creates written analysis. Unlimited record keeping and print-outs. Network compatible. Site licensed. Apple, IBM, Macintosh. Free preview. Bytes of Learning; (416) 495-9913. Gr. 3-12.

Quiz Control

Memorize almost anything quickly and interactively with on-screen flashcards. Easily enter your own questions and answers within Quiz Control, or buy study modules in American history, DOS, calories and nutrition, medical terms, computer literacy, basic French, science, English skills, and writing skills. IBM compatible. Price: $49.95; $19.95 per module. Quick Study Software Inc., 170 Hamilton Ave., White Plains, NY 10601; (800) 7825930. Grades 5-12 and higher education.

Adult Education Series

From 4th grade reading level to GED competency in as little as 134 hours. Tutorial software for basic-skills remediation and development in Apple II or MS-DOS format. Correlated with standardized tests. Free catalog. BLS Tutorsystems; (800) 545-7766. Gr. 7-12 and higher education. Circle Reader Service #17.

Sunshine Unlimited Productivity Programs

One hundred sixty-one inexpensive spreadsheet template programs in agriculture, aviation, business, personal topics, and sports for Apple, IBM, and Macintosh. Specialized concepts not otherwise available that fill niches where no commercial software is available. Free catalog. Sunshine Unlimited Inc., P.O. Box 471, Lindsborg, KS 67456. Gr. 9-12.


Nutriplan analyzes meals or daily intake for 21 key nutrients, compares analysis versus the recommended daily allowance. Enables students to quickly grasp nutrition concepts. Available for Apple II family, IBM, and compatibles. Price: $75. Micromedx; (800) 872-7522. Gr. 9-12.

CCC Instructional System

CCC Instructional System is an individualized learning system proven to get results. Used in more than 3,500 sites. Computer Curriculum Corp., P.O. Box 3711, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3711; (800) 227-8324.

TimeOut SuperFonts

Print out AppleWorks files with fancy fonts and graphics. With SuperFonts, your documents are printed in eye-catching, proportionately spaced characters in a variety of styles, including underline, boldface, italic, outline, and shadow.


Word processing for blind students on Apple II computers. Includes voice output, Braille translation, large-print output, print output, and Braille output. Works with specialized devices for the blind. Manuals available in print, audio, and Braille. Price: $400. Raised Dot Computing; (608) 257-9595.

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