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Print Magic helps create banners and cards. The program comes complete with high-resolution graphics, drawing tools, and easy-to-use graphical interface. Mouse optional. Site license available. List price: $39.95. Epyx Inc., P.O. Box 8020, Redwood City, CA 94063.


Big Book Maker

Use fairy tales and nursery rhymes to motivate students to write. Add art and text to two-screen scrolling area to recreate favorite stories, mix and match characters, or write your own tales. Six fonts, Apple 128K. Pelican; (800) 2322224. Gr. K-6.

Tutor-Tech Hypermedia Software

Hypermedia, authoring, and multimedia for Apple IIe, IIc, and IIGS. Uses pulldown menus; imports from Print Shop and Newsroom; controls Echo, VCRs, and videodisc. Free demo disk. Techware Corp., Box 1085, Altamonte Springs, FL 32715; (800) 34-REACH. Gr. K-12.

DOS Tutor

DOS Tutor provides simple-to-follow menus and easy-to-understand language for novice computer users, including a comprehensive on-line glossary, and detailed graphic displays of hardware items and keyboard selection. The Software Toolworks; (415) 883-3000. Gr. 1-12.

The Unix Video Workshop

The 10 modules of The Unix Video Workshop provide complete, effective training that is easy to use and entertaining, giving the viewer an understanding of the full features and concepts of Unix. LEARN-PC; (800) LEARN-PC. Gr. 9-12.

Teach Yourself DOS

Teach Yourself DOS helps students quickly master the mysteries of DOS. Available through ATI, 12638 Beatrice St., Los Angeles, CA 90066; (213) 823-1129. Gr. 9-12 and higher education.


A program for children getting ready to read. Includes activities that improve visual and aural discrimination skills essential for reading readiness. Apple IIGS specific. Price: $59. Orange Cherry Software, P.O. Box 390, Pound Ridge, NY 10576; (914) 764-4104. Gr. preK-2.

The Young Learner's System

This software series promotes reading and math readiness through an integrated learning approach: It combines stories, songs, discussions, and art projects with computer-based learning. Apple, IBM. Focus Media Inc., 839 Stewart Ave., P.O. Box 865, Garden City, NY 11530; (800) 645-8989 or (516) 794-8900. Gr. preK-2.

Breakthrough To Language

Eight vocabulary programs use multisensory techniques: human speech, keyboard, or touch window. Functional categories, levels, options, and printable recordkeeping teaches 400 of the most frequently used words. Includes colorful talking animation. Useful for special education and ESL. Teacher-tested. Apple II series, 128K. Free catalog and newsletter. Creative Learning Inc., P.O. Box 829, North San Juan, CA 95960; (800) 842-5360. Gr. preK4. Circle Reader Service #21.

All About Me Teaching Systems

Me & My Body and Me & My Family combine video Apple disc, teaching guide, and original music for a complete learning event. Free catalog, free preview. Order complete series and save 15 percent. MarshMedia; (800) 821-3303. Gr. K-2.

Lexia Touch And Learn Software

Designed by educators and reading specialists for readers in grades K-3. Appropriate for special education, mainstream, and classroom use. Lexia Learning Systems Inc., P.O. Box 466, Lincoln, MA 01773; (617) 259-8752.

Talking Numbers

A human voice teaches students the numerals one through nine and their values. Apple IIGS specific. Price: $59. Orange Cherry Software, P.O. Box 390, Pound Ridge, NY 10576; (914) 764-4104. Gr. K-4.

Combo Pack

Expand the graphics capabilities of the Children's Writing and Publishing Center with this selection of more than 300 graphics from the Nature Disk, Holiday Disk, and People and Places Disk. Comes with back-up diskettes. Creative Pursuits; (213) 472-1179.

Early Learning I

Talking software teaches colors, numbers, and shapes. Teacher-control feature. Record-keeping system. Compatible with Apple, touch window, Echo Speech Synthesizer, powerpad, and switches. Marblesoft, 21805 Zumbrota, N.E., Cedar, MN 55011; (612) 434-3704.

Nature Disk

All new graphics diskette from the creators of the Children's Writing and Publishing Center. More than 100 color graphics: dolphins, dinosaurs, penguins, planets, bugs, borders, and much more. Creative Pursuits; (213) 472-1179.

FOREIGNLANGUAGE Basic Vocabulary Builder On Computer

Two diskettes and a user manual presented in a vinyl storage binder. Provides hours of challenge and enjoyment in building basic vocabulary in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Price: $59.95 per language. National Textbook Co.; (800) 323-4900. Gr. 6-12.

German: The Easy Way

Comprehensive three-diskette exercise program covers: dative and accusative cases, prepositions, imperatives, modals, and more. Includes on-screen bilingual glossary. Networkable. Macintosh 800K. Price: $49.95. Gessler, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099. Beginner to intermediate levels.


Three PostScript fonts with corresponding screen fonts up to 48-point size for Macintosh. Includes accents, breathing marks, iota subscripts, Nestle-Aland typeface, critical sigla. Price: $99.95. Linguist's Software Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130. All levels.

Un Cours De Grammaire

Thorough review of essential French grammar using exams and exercises. Free catalog of foreign language educational materials: videos, software, print, maps, posters, and more. Apple II. Price: $29.95. Gessler Educational Software, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099.


Macintosh pinyin-operating system with more than 6,000 simplified characters. MiniWriter for double-byte word processing, plus English system traditional font and pinyin microsoft word glossary. Price: $99.95. Linguist's Software, Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130.

Salsa: Writing Assistant For Spanish

An innovative, user-friendly software to improve students' Spanish writing skills. A word processor with rapid access to three megabytes of Spanish words is useful but not necessary. For MS-DOS machines, with or without networking. Interlex Associates Inc., P.O. Box 252, Ithaca, NY 14851; (607) 387-9688.

LANGUAGEARTS Humanities Software Write On! Library

A collection of creative writing activity programs that integrate process writing, literature, and word processing for grades K-12, including students with special needs. Write On! addresses all areas of written language development. Apple II, Macintosh, and MS-DOS systems. Site licensed and networkable. Free catalog. Humanities Software; (800) 245-6737.

Language Experience Recorder Plus

Award-winning, whole-language, reading/ writing software. Students write, read, and hear their own stories. Prints 20-40-80 column and banner print. Readability estimate and analysis of writing. Free catalog. Teacher Support Software; (800) 228-2871. Gr. K-adult.

The Sentence Master

A new approach for children who have failed in reading due to trouble with phonics, oral language, ESL, or impulsive learning styles. Emphasizes over-learning of non-content words: is, the, here, etc. Three levels use speech, graphics, and animation. Laureate; (800) 562-6801. Gr. 1-9. Circle Reader Service #18.

Reading For Comprehension

High-interest nonfiction articles and skillbased comprehension questions. Correct responses earn game time, which reinforces analogy skills. Control panel and on-disk management system. Apple II family, 64K. Networkable. Continental Press; (800) 233-0759. Gr. 2-6.

Story Board

Computer is used as a tool that lets students become authors, artists, and editors, and publish their own books. Large database provides for endless combinations. Apple II family. Price: $39.95. Data Command; (800) 528-7390. Gr. 3-6.

Solar Reading Software

Colorful and interactive comprehension software for grades 3-8. Stories, graphics, feedback, branching for instruction, and game diskettes. Unit and package prices available. Learning Multi-Systems Inc., 320 Holtzmann Road, Madison, WI 53713; (800) 362-7323.

Teacher's Aid For 12 An Hour

Self-paced courses in language skills. Any MS-DOS PC can help you teach word usage, grammar, punctuation, or the keyboard. Each course scores and reports performances of up to 48 students. MHP Communications, P.O. Box 71, Perrineville, NJ 08535. Gr. 3-12

Author! Author!

The complete tool kit for writing plays. Lets you create, write, and print out plays. Provides help with outlines and scripts. Includes prop library and character graphics. Apple, IBM, Tandy. Price: $59.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. Gr. 4-12 and higher education.

Reading Realities

Award-winning software for middle and high school at-risk students. Interviews with students provided the high-interest, low-readability stories included in themes called Real-Life Issues, Career Preparation, and Jury Series. Teacher Support Software; (800) 228-2871. Gr. 7-12.

Newspaper Literacy

Familiarizes students with the various parts of a newspaper and what information it contains. Simulation activities allow students to use their newspaper skills to solve problems. Educational Activities; (800) 645-3739 or (516) 223-4666. Gr. 9-12 and higher education.

Spelling Tutor

Learn the rules of spelling. Study word lists. Customize to individual teacher's use. Print word lists and certificates of completion. Use with any grade-level spelling book. Apple II. Price: $49.50. 5th of July Productions, 122 Sunrise Drive, North Massapequa, NY 11758; (516) 293-8694.


Hop To It!

Provides students with an environment for building confidence in math ability, becoming a mathematical problem solver, and learning to communicate using number facts and a number line. Addition and subtraction skills are strengthened. Sunburst Communications; (800) 628-8897. Gr. K-3


In minutes, create tests and work sheets based on your choice of objectives from calculus to basic math. Prints complex technical notation, charts, and graphs. Looking Glass Learning Products, 276 E. Howard, Des Plaines, IL 60018; (800) 545-5457. Gr. K-12 and higher education.


A visual math game of fraction facts. Children progress from fraction recognition and comparison to addition, subtraction, and reduction. Use with or without graphics. Features automatic recordkeeping. Apple. Price: $39.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. Gr. 1-4.

NumberMaze Decimals & Fractions

Powerful tool for ages 8-15. Based on five major textbook series with hundreds of math levels in eight curricula. Track progress and statistics for up to 50 students. Printable random problem sets. Monochrome or color. Great Wave Software; (408) 438-1990. Gr. 3-12 and higher education.

Connections: Building Math Understanding

Correlated to new National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards, this comprehensive, self-pacing software offers an integrated math experience as guided activities let students explore computation and estimation, probability, patterns and functions, measurement, and geometry. SVE; (800) 829-1900. Gr. 7-10.

Graphics Calculator

A multifeatured exploratory tool designed to help students gain insights into mathematical processes. It serves as an aid in the exploration of functions and graphs. Free catalog. CONDUIT, University of Iowa; (800) 365-9774. Gr. 9-12.

Interactive Mathematics II

A level III interactive videodisc course covering algebraic concepts, techniques, geometric representations, graphs, and equations. Ferranti Educational Systems Inc., P.O. Box 3040, Lancaster, PA 176043040; (717) 898-0890. Gr. 9-12 and higher education.

Math Sequences

Provides extensive drill and practice for all areas of elementary math, from number readiness to pre-algebra. Available in stand-alone and network versions. Milliken Publishing Co., 1100 Research Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132; (314) 991-4220.


Project Classify Series

Plants, mammals, and dinosaurs help students sharpen their observation skills and learn classification concepts through a series of scientific adventures. Apple II, 128K. National Geographic Society, Washington, DC 20036; (800) 368-2728. Gr. 3-6.


Risk-taking, decisionmaking, and mapreading adventure game for grades 3-7. Introduces planning, strategic thinking, and exploring alternatives. Includes maps and fact sheets. Customize with challenge upgrade. Apple, IBM, Tandy. Price: $49.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911.

So You Want To Do A Science Project?

Follow Professor Bob as he takes you through the steps needed to create a science project. Program is for grades 3-9. Apple IIe (128K), IIc, and IIGS. Price: $34.95 for single pack; $75 for a school site license. CCIE, 23711 Arminta St., West Hills, CA 91304; (818) 703-0367. Circle Reader Service #26.

Frequency Meter

Allows the Apple to be used as a generalpurpose audio-range frequency meter in the laboratory. Data can be saved, analyzed, and graphed. Apple II, IBM. Price: $39.95. Vernier Software, 2920 S.W. 89th St., Portland, OR 97225; (503) 297-5317. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Hothouse Planet

A high-impact program on the warming of the earth caused by greenhouse gases and what can be done to reverse the current upward spiral. Students can vary the key environmental factors and conduct experiments. EME Corp., P.O. Box 2805, Danbury, CT 06813. Gr. 9-12.

Comprehensive Chemistry Curriculum

An integrated learning system. Includes videodisc players, computers, software, network license, management system, and training. Combines Exploring Chemistry, an interactive videodisc lab in general chemistry, Introduction to General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry by Stan Smith, University of Illinois. Educom/Encryptal Awards, 1987 and 1989. Falcon Software; (603) 764-5788. Gr. 12 and up.


Bring "chaos,'' the new science, into your classroom by using EduTech's Chaos Plus.

. . software on any Apple II computer. Price: $75 plus shipping and handling. Ask for order CP1T. Free catalog and demo diskette. EduTech, 1927 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609; (716) 4823151.

Bio Sci II Videodisc

Award-winning biology videodisc accesses thousands of images instantly. Contains 100 movies, 500 computer graphics, seven full dissections, cell anatomy, protein synthesis, and much more. Price: $549. Free catalog. Videodiscovery Inc.; (800) 5483472.



Creating and printing timelines has never been easier: Simply type in any set of events in any order and Timeliner does the rest. Prints banner timelines on any topic. Available for Apple II or MS-DOS ($59.95) or Macintosh ($69.95). Tom Snyder Productions Inc.; (800) 342-0236. Gr. K-12.

The Software Toolworks World Atlas

The world at your fingertips: international country information with EGA/VGA color maps on topics ranging from agriculture and economy to government and communications. The Software Toolworks; (415) 883-3000. Gr. 3-12 and higher education.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Award-winning software. Now available for MS-DOS networks. Broderbund Software, P.O. Box 12947, San Rafael, CA 94913-2947; (800) 521-6263. Gr. 4-8.

Global Mission

Simulation for IBM-PCs places the user in a regional office of a global news network as a research assistant. Successful research results in promotions leading to director's position. Available for Japan, China, and Germany--others soon. Price: $59.95 per country; all three, $149.95. ICD Corp.; (800) 658-8567. Gr. 5-12.

Balance Of Power: The 1990 Edition

The ultimate simulation game of global leadership in a nuclear age. Assume the role of either the president of the United States or the general secretary of the USSR. In the real world in 1989. Includes four levels of play. The Software Toolworks; (415) 883-3000. Gr. 6-12 and higher education.

Ticket To Washington, D.C.

Explore more than 45 different places in our nation's capital. Seven detailed 3-D maps, realistic graphics, and on-screen information that leads you through the journey. American Educational Computer, 7506 N. Broadway Extension, Suite 505, Oklahoma City, OK 73116; (405) 8406031.

Culture 1.0 Hypermedia Guide

Contextual guide to Western civilization. Organizes 5,000 people, places, and events by country, discipline, and generation. Available for Macintosh or DOS. Price: $175, workbook: $35. Cultural Resources Inc., 30 Iroquois Road, Cranford, NJ 07016; (908) 709-1574.


Gradebook Deluxe

Stores 255 grades per student, 40 students per class. Accepts grades as letters, points, or percents, and can drop lowest grade. Accepts missing, excused, or extra-credit grades. Calculates class median, mean, standard deviation, and grade distribution. Prints five individual and class reports by name or ID code. Apple II. Price: $79.95 each; $174.95 with school site license. EduSoft; (800) 338-7638. Circle Reader Service #9.

Bradford Class Manager

A Macintosh gradebook for all classroom teachers. Calculates, records, reports, and forecasts student/class performance. Features grade weighting, flexible on-screen editing, sorting, printing. Free 30-day preview. Price: $99. Wm. K. Bradford Publishing Co.; (800) 421-2009.

The Teacher's Tool Kit

Generate randomized word search/word scramble puzzles. Design word match, true or false, multiple-choice, and essay tests. Professional-style printouts with answer keys. Hi Tech of Santa Cruz, 202 Pelton Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060; (408) 4255654.

Knowledge Master

Contains thousands of accurate, challenging questions that cover all curriculum areas for grades 5-12. Use for tests, academic competition, or classroom activities. Academic Hallmarks, P.O. Box 998, Durango, CO 81302; (800) 321-9218.


Test-generating program supports multiple-choice, true or false, completion, matching, and essay questions. Efficient text editor, on-line help function, random answers, and answer key. Price: $99. Includes the program (not copy-protected), a site license, two manuals, shipping, and full warranty. Question banks available in the sciences, social studies, and economics. Snowflake Software, 8 Cedar Heights Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572; (914) 8763328. Gr. 6-12 and higher education.

Grade Machine

Fast, full-screen editing of grades, weighted assignment categories, and customized reports. Many special features for elementary, secondary, and college teachers. Money-back guarantee. Not copy-protected. Price: $74.95, Macintosh; $59.95, IBM or Apple II, plus $3.50 shipping and handling (and 8.2 percent tax in Washington). Misty City Software, 10921 129th Place, N.E., Kirkland, WA 98033; (206) 828-3107. Mention this listing and save $10. Circle Reader Service #15.

Composition Testing Program

WES CompScan Program improves student writing with meaningful evaluation. Elementary through college level for classroom or district use. Reporting capabilities with your spread sheet on IBM-PC, Digital Vax, Macintosh. Identifies writer's strengths and weaknesses in content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics. Testing package includes software, testing manual, reader notebooks, and scanner sheets. Free brochure. WES Inc.; (405) 842-4021.

Multiple Choices

Create your own tests. Input material for any grade level, any curriculum area, and this software program will transform the data into your choice of nine different kinds of quizzes and activities. Preview copy available. Mindscape Educational Software; (800) 829-1900.


An award-winning grading program for all grade levels. Powerful and easy to use. Extensive options allow it to adapt to almost any teacher's needs. Intuitech, 69 S. 400, E., Orem, UT 84058; (801) 2262583. Sixty-day guarantee. Price: $65, IBM; $45, Apple. Demo diskette available.

Plan To Teach

Includes lesson planning, classroom management, effective teaching, and cooperative learning. Carol Cumming's free brochure lists Plan To Teach software, books, and videotapes. University credit video course available. Teaching Inc., P.O. Box 788, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 774-0755.

Compton's MultiMedia Encyclopedia

An integrated reference tool for use in schools, libraries, homes, and professional/ business organizations. Stores the entire 26-volume print version on one CD-ROM diskette featuring 9 million words; 32,000 articles; 15,000 images, maps, and graphs; 60 minutes of sound, music, and speech; 45 animated sequences; 800 full-color maps; 5,000 charts and diagrams; and the complete on-line Merriam-Webster Intermediate Dictionary. Britannica Software Inc.; (415) 597-5555.

Grolier Encyclopedia Network Software

The new 1990 Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia on CD-ROM features more than 33,000 full articles, as well as fact boxes, bibliographies, discographies, and extensive cross references. Online is the exclusive distributor of the network version of the Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia, which allows multiple-user access. Cheryl McGarry, Online Computer System; (301) 601-2227 or (800) 922-9204.


TestMaker macros installed on AppleWorks (v.2.0-3.0) to write, edit, scramble, sort, select, save, and print multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true or false, vocabulary, and glossary formats plus answer key. Price: $24.95 plus $2 shipping and handling. TestMaker, 912 Kingsley Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. Circle Reader Service #31.


Quiz Control

Memorize almost anything: Create onscreen flash cards or purchase study modules on American history, basic science, English, French, writing, DOS, medical terms, computer literacy, and calories and nutrition. Quiz Control price: $49.95; $19.95 per module. IBM compatible. Quick Study Software Inc.; (800) 782-5930. Gr. 5-12 and higher education.

Adult Education Series

From 4th grade reading level to GED competency in as little as 134 hours. Tutorial software for basic skills remediation/development in Apple II or MS-DOS format. Correlated with standardized tests. Free catalog. BLS Tutorsystems; (800) 545-7766. Gr. 7-12 and higher education. Circle Reader Service #3.

Testwise: Preparing For The SAT

Developed by the same people who develop the SAT, Testwise helps students become familiar with the test. It provides questions from actual past tests and explanations for right and wrong answers. An actual SAT booklet accompanies the software. The College Board, 45 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10023. Gr. 10-12

Crossword Magic

Multifaceted program for virtually all subject areas, even languages. CCL's Program of the Decade now available in three-and-ahalf-inch diskette for the 100 percent compatible MS-DOS. Mindscape Educational Software, 1345 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614; (312) 525-1500.


A computer language developed to be both powerful and easy to use. Found in kindergarten through university levels. Logo is especially useful for math problem solving. Terrapin Software, Inc., 400 Riverside St., Portland, ME 04103; (207) 878-8200.

Cafeteria Management System

Bring computer automation to school cafeterias: manage lunchrooms and produce printed reports or transferable data files to meet reporting requirements. Includes hardware and software. National Computer Systems; (800) 447-3269.

CCC Instructional System

CCC Instructional System is an individualized learning system proven to get results. Used in more than 3,500 sites. Computer Curriculum Corp., P.O. Box 3711, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3711; (800) 227-8324.

Drug Abuse Learning Environment

Developed at Purdue University as part of a research project, Drug Abuse Learning Environment contains two-and-a-half hours of comprehensive, interactive educational material dealing with health and social consequences. Free demo diskette. Substance Abuse Education, Inc.; (913) 441-1868.

TOPS Network Bundle For Macintosh

A complete network solution combining file sharing, electronic mail, and print spooling for Macintosh, PCs, and Sun workstations. TOPS may be configured as a distributed or dedicated server network or a combination of both. EduTech; (408) 372-8100.

FrEdBase 2.0

A low-cost, high-quality alternative to commercial database programs. FrEdBase can have up to 18 fields and print out column- and label-type reports plus bar, line, and pie charts. The program may be copied. Price: $25. ISTE, 1787 Agate St., Eugene, OR 97403; (503) 346-4414.

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