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Learn to play piano with a special keyboard and your Nintendo. Miracle offers a series of fascinating lessons customized for child or adult. Students will learn real musical notation, proper fingering, rhythms, pedaling, and more. This combination of advanced mini-keyboard technology, full-stereo sound, and Nintendo software comes from the Software Toolworks; (415) 883-3000. Gr. 3-12 and higher education.

Play It By Ear

Music students can use their IBMcompatible computers to master the subtle sound of single tones, intervals, and chords for piano or guitar. Play It By Ear provides a variety of self-paced melodic and harmonic exercises in a specialized learning environment, featuring on-screen piano and guitar fretboard. Price: $99.95. Ibis Software; (415) 546-1917.


Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Award-winning typing course created by Software Toolworks. Customized exercises make it easy to learn. On-screen "guide hands'' show teaching technique. Help windows available for each stage of every lesson. Software Toolworks, 60 Leveroni Court, Novato, CA 94949.

Micro Planner

Practical approach to project management is provided by this package; Micro Planner offers an intuitive, graphical user interface. Micro Planning International, 655 Redwood Highway, Suite 311, San Francisco, CA 94941; (415) 389-1420.


Teach Yourself 1-2-3 Macros

Teach Yourself 1-2-3 Macros turns you into a Lotus 1-2-3 user in no time. Available through American Training International, 12638 Beatrice St., Los Angeles, CA 90066; (213) 823-1129.

DOS For Hard & Floppy Disk Users

A three-volume comprehensive training program that is fast, easy, complete, and versatile. The program is designed for computer beginners or experienced computer users who want a greater understanding of their DOS system. Call (800) LEARN-PC or (612) 659-9365.

Statistical Navigator

An expert system to identify the best statistical analysis given your research objectives, assumptions, and audience. Asks easy-to-understand questions and explains its reasoning. Context-sensitive help. IBM compatible, 640K RAM. IDEA WORKS Inc.; (800) 537-4866.

Family Tree Maker

An easy-to-use software program that creates graphic printouts of family trees and records family history. Simply enter information on relatives' names, interests, and even medical records. Then choose a type of tree and print. Banner Blue Software; (415) 794-6850.


Stars & Planets

Stars & Planets teaches children ages 3-6 to think with six captivating learning games. By exploring, discovering, and thinking things through, children learn the most valuable lesson of all: learning to learn. Advanced Ideas; (415) 526-9100. Gr. preK-1.

Talking Clock

This program uses an actual human voice to help children tell time. Price: $59. Apple IIGS specific. Orange Cherry Software, P.O. Box 390, Pound Ridge, NY 10576; (914) 764-4104. Gr. K-3.

Early Learning I

Talking software teaches colors, numbers, and shapes. Teacher-control feature. Record-keeping system. Compatible with Apple, Touch Window, Echo Speech Synthesizer, powerpad, and switches. Marblesoft, 21805 Zumbrota, N.E., Cedar, MN 55011; (612) 434-3704. Circle Reader Service #120.

People & Places Graphics

Expand the graphics capabilities of The Children's Writing and Publishing Center with this new graphics disk from the program's creators. More than 100 new color graphics: maps, Uncle Sam, King Tut, JFK, the Civil War, and many more. Creative Pursuits; (213) 472-1179.


Bilingual Reading Comprehension

Alternate between Spanish and English on any screen. Thirty-six motivating stories with remediation and colorful, animated graphics. Thirty-day preview. Educational Publishing Concepts, 61 E. Main St., Walla Walla, WA 99362; (800) 323-9459. Gr. 1-5.

TUCO: Basic German Grammar

Comprehensive tutorial covering conjugation of regular verbs at beginner level to relative clauses and subjunctive in level three. Includes built-in dictionary. IBMcompatible (256K), "networkable.'' Price: $39.95 per level, $150 entire set. Gessler, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011.


Six PostScript and bitmap fonts, operates on Macintosh 6.0.3; miniWriter for bidirectional word processing; full vowel points and accents for both English and Hebrew. Linguist's Software Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 775-1130, FAX: (206) 771-5911.

Salsa: Writing Assistant For Spanish

An innovative, user-friendly software to improve students' writing skills. A word processor with rapid access to three megabytes of Spanish words is useful but not necessary. For MS-DOS machines, with or without networking. Interlex Associates Inc., P.O. Box 252, Ithaca, NY 14851; (607) 387-9688. Circle Reader Service #25.


Cat N' Mouse

A picture/word association arcade-style game for grades K-6. Picture/picture, picture/word, and word/word matching teaches picture and word relationships. Library of 60 pictures. Price: $49.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. Apple, IBM, and Tandy compatible. Gr. preK-6.

Elephant Ears

English-as-a-second-language computerassisted teaching uses graphics with animation. Speech with Echo II speech processor. Prepositions for beginning ESL students. Price: $49. Ballard & Tighe, 480 Atlas, Brea, CA 92621; (800) 321-4332. Apple IIe, II+, IIGS, Gr. 1-6.

The Sentence Master

A new approach for children who have failed in reading due to trouble with phonics, oral language, ESL, or impulsive learning styles. Emphasizes over-learning of noncontent words: is, the, here, etc. Three levels use speech, graphics, and animation. Laureate; (800) 562-6801. Gr. 1-9. Circle Reader Service #115.

Solar Reading Software

Colorful and interactive comprehension software for grades 3-8. Stories, graphics, feedback, branching for instruction, and game disks. Unit and package prices available. Learning Multi-Systems Inc., 320 Holtzman Road, Madison, WI 53713; (800) 362-7323. Circle Reader Service #119.

Tennis Anyone?

Pit your word-recognition abilities against the computer in a game that is played and scored like a real tennis match. Price: $170.95 per complete set of eight programs; $29.95 per individual program. Data Command Inc.; (800) 528-7390. Apple II family or TRS-80 Model III. Gr. 4-6, remedial 7-12.

Classroom News International

Easy-to-use word processor and desktop publishing program designed for school use. Produces two-column newsletters in English, Spanish, French, or German. Educational Activities, Box 87, Dept. T, Baldwin, NY 11510; (800) 645-3739, NY: (516) 223-4666. Gr. 4-12.

The Complete Spelling Program

The Complete Spelling Program is designed to meet the special needs of students with spelling deficiencies or specific language-learning disabilities. For special education, English, ESL, and reading. Special Learning ED Software; (612) 9265820. Gr. 4-12 and higher education.

TEAM Series

Designed to provide extensive practice in reading comprehension and vocabulary building. TEAM Series prepares at-risk students for reading competency tests by developing language skills. Free catalog. Davidson & Associates; (800) 545-7677. Gr. 5-12, 2nd to 6th grade readability.

Reading Realities

Award-winning software for middle to high school at-risk students. Interviews with students provided the high-interest, low-readability stories included in themes called Real-Life Issues, Career Preparation, and Jury Series. Free demo disk. Teacher Support Software; (800) 228-2871. Circle Reader Service #110.

The Persuasive Essay Series

Students explore five relevant topics as they learn to distinguish fact from opinion, select reasons to support an opinion, develop an argument, and formulate a conclusion. Intellectual Software Queue; (800) 232-2224. Level I, Gr. 6-8; Level II, Gr. 9-12; Level III, college.


Grammatik is a grammar and style checker available for DOS, Macintosh, Windows, and Unix. Checks for errors in grammar, style, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Grammatik makes teaching grammar easy and fun. Price: $99. Reference Software; (800) 872-9933.

Teacher's Aid For 12 An Hour

Self-paced courses in language skills. Any MS-DOS PC can help you teach word usage, grammar, punctuation, or the keyboard. Each course scores and reports performances of up to 48 students. MHP Communications, P.O. Box 71, Perrineville, NJ 08535. Circle Reader Service #111.

Spelling Tutor

Learn the rules of spelling. Study word lists. Customize to individual teacher's use. Print word lists and certificates of completion. Use with any grade-level spelling book. Price: $49.50. 5th of July Productions, 122 Sunrise Drive, N., Massapequa, NY 11758; (516) 293-8694. Apple II. Circle Reader Service #82.

Composition Testing Program

The Writing Evaluation Systems testing program provides comprehensive information with the "profile rubric'' to identify writer's strengths and weaknesses. Do-ityourself with the Profile CompScan Program. Free brochure; (405) 842-4021. Circle Reader Service #118.


Zero In On Zero

Individualized practice with zeros using graphics, animation, and music. Random problem generation, motivating reward sequences. DLM, One DLM Park, Allen, TX 75002; (800) 527-4747. Gr. 1-6.


Arcade-style math game for multiplication and division. Students can answer quickly or use the screen on difficult problems. Features automatic performance record. Customize with challenge upgrade. IBM, Apple, Macintosh compatible. Price: $49.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. Gr. 3-8.

Treasure Cove, Math Skills

Students race to find hidden treasure by matching items to nearest partner across game board. Also available for reading skills. Retail price: $39.95. Data Command Inc.; (800) 528-7390. Apple II family or Commodore 64. Gr. 4-6, remedial 7-8.


Math problem-solving for students grades 4 and up. With PS INC, solving word and logic problems earns students jobs and promotions. CPI Software, 145 E. 49th St., New York, NY 10017; (212) 753-3800.

Algebra I HomeworkTutor

Custom math editor accepts students' own problems and helps solve each step with detailed hints, automatic checking, and solved examples. Save and print plus full Macintosh interface. Missing Link Software; (800) 222-9296. Gr. 7-12 and higher education.

Magic Math Plus

A collection of program teasers, challenges, and "mathemagical'' tricks for PC, Apple, TRS-80. Price: $90. License includes copies for entire department; not copy-protected. REC, Attn: Dr. Ecker, 909 Violet Terrace, Clarks Summit, PA 18411; (717) 586-2784. Gr. 6-12.


Students develop math and problemsolving skills through the use of on-screen mathematical tools. Each disk contains a complete workstation as well as a variety of problems that emphasize particular skills. CAE Software; (301) 907-9845. Gr. 6-12.

Interactive Mathematics

A level III, interactive videodisc program covering basic math from whole numbers through pre-algebra for adult and young adult learners. A 10-disk, strand-matrix course. Ferranti Educational Systems Inc., P.O. Box 3040, Lancaster, PA 17604-3040. Gr. 9-12 and higher education.

Pre-Calculus (K/K Math Series)

Interactively explore the topics between algebra and calculus. Instant, accurate graphs. Includes trigonometry topics. Price: $79.95. True BASIC Inc.; (800) 872-2742. IBM, Macintosh compatible. Demo disks, lab packs, quantity discounts, and site licenses available.


In minutes, create tests and work sheets based on your choice of objectives from calculus to basic math. Prints complex technical notation, charts, and graphs. Looking Glass Learning Products, 276 E. Howard, Des Plaines, IL 60018; (800) 545-5457. Circle Reader Service #109.


Accu-Weather Forecaster

Using up-to-the-minute weather maps, graphs, and forecasts, this program uses a modem to tap directly into Accu-Weather, the nation's number-one private weather service. Hands-on science exploration for students in grades 4-12. Low connect-time fees. Metacomet Software; (203) 223-5911.

The Scientific Method

A tutorial that introduces the scientific method as a series of steps: define the problem, collect information, make hypothesis, check hypothesis, and reach conclusion. Student puts all steps together to solve an interesting problem. Cygnus Software; (602) 986-5938. Gr. 6-12.

Voltage Plotter

Allows the Apple to be used as a general purpose voltmeter or chart recorder. The program can be calibrated to read pH, force, or temperature. Price: $39.95. Vernier Software Inc., 2920 S.W. 89th St., Portland, OR 97225; (503) 297-5317. IBM, Apple II. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Water Budget

Students master the water-budget concept by creating their own or using one from a database of 45 worldwide locations. Active student involvement greatly increases understanding of seasonal trends. EME Corp., P.O. Box 2805, Danbury, CT 06813. Gr. 9-12.

Comprehensive Chemistry Curriculum

An integrated learning system. Includes: videodisc players, computers, software, network license, management system, and training. Combines Exploring Chemistry, an interactive videodisc lab in general chemistry, Introduction to General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry by Stan Smith, University of Illinois. Educom/Encryptal Awards, 1987 and 1989. Falcon Software; (603) 764-5788. Gr. 12 and up. Circle Reader Service #122.

Interactive Physics

1989 MacUser Editors Choice Award. With Interactive Physics, create your own experiments without programming, run them in stop frame, backward, or forward, changing the variables until you understand the principals involved. Price: $249. Knowledge Revolution; (415) 553-8153.

The Immune System

This colorful, interactive program shows students how to keep germs out of their bodies and maintain a healthy immune system. Introduces important topics such as immunization, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and AIDS. MarshMedia, 5903 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64113; (800) 821-3303.

Bio Sci II Videodisc

Award-winning biology videodisc accesses thousands of images instantly. Contains 100 movies, 500 computer graphics, seven full dissections, cell anatomy, protein synthesis, and much more. Price: $549. Free catalog. Videodiscovery Inc.; (800) 5483472. Circle Reader Service #107.


Bring Chaos, the new science, into your classroom by using EduTech's Chaos Plus... software on any Apple II computer. Price: $75 plus shipping and handling. Ask for order CP1T. Free catalog and demo disk. EduTech, 1927 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609; (716) 4823151. Circle Reader Service #12.


Global Mission

Simulation for IBM places the user in a regional office of a global news network as a research assistant. Successful research results in promotions leading to director's position. Available for Japan, China, and Germany--others soon. Price: $59.95 per country; all three, $149.95. ICD Corp.; (800) 658-8567. Gr. 5-12. Circle Reader Service #123.

The Global Dilemma: Guns & Butter

Sophisticated, realistic strategy game where decisionmaking skills will mean the difference between world supremacy or humiliating defeat. Three levels of play for both novice and experienced players. Software Toolworks; (415) 883-3000. Gr. 6-12 and higher education.

Self-Esteem And Values

The first part of this program explains how you evolve your self-image and what you need to do to improve it. The second part, without imposing a preconceived value system, helps you clarify and choose positive values. Price: $49.50. Psychological Psoftware Co.; (408) 688-6808. Gr. 9-12.

Never Fat Again

Shows the way to lose weight safely and permanently through behavior modification. Clear directives and guides are presented. Teaches you to change how you eat, not what you eat. Price: $49.50. Psychological Psoftware Co.; (408) 688-6808. Gr. 9-12.

Facts & Faces Of U.S. Presidents

A Macintosh game in which students gain points by answering multiple-choice history questions. Points are used to remove tiles that hide a president. Even more points can be earned by correct identification of the portrait. Price: $49.50. Visatex Corp.; (800) 722-3729.

Child Development Series

Nine tutorial computer software programs covering child growth from conception to adolescence. The programs are designed to be used alone or in conjunction with your high school or college home economics class. Available for Apple or IBM. Free catalog. Micro Learningware, Route 1, Box 162, Amboy, MN 56010; (507) 674-3705.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Award-winning software. Now available for MS-DOS networks. Broderbund Software, P.O. Box 12947, San Rafael, CA 94913-2947; (800) 521-6263.


Lesson Plan Instruction System

A computerized lesson and instruction planning system. Choose from hundreds of goals in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Price: $75 per system; $25 per subject. Stuyvesant Business Associates, 47 Lincoln Road, Hempstead, NY 11550. Gr. 1-8; (718) 625-3920.

IMS Plus Software

Records and monitors student progress through criterion-referenced testing. Allows user to maintain inventory of instructional resources and to relate them to specific objectives. National Computer Systems; (800) 447-3269. IBM, Gr. K-12 and higher education.

Knowledge Master

Knowledge Master, for tests, academic competition, or classroom activities, contains thousands of accurate, challenging questions that cover all curriculum areas for grades 5-12. Academic Hallmarks, P.O. Box 998, Durango, CO 81302; (800) 3219218. Circle Reader Service #108.


Test-generating program supports multiple-choice, true or false, completion, matching, and essay questions. Efficient text editor, on-line help function, randomanswers answer key. Price: $99. Includes the program (not copy-protected), a site license, two manuals, shipping, and full warranty. Question banks available in the sciences, social studies, and economics. Snowflake Software, Eight Cedar Heights Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572; (914) 8763328. IBM, Gr. 6-12 and higher education. Circle Reader Service #3.

Projac's Comput-A-Grade

Teacher grade book and reporting program. Winner of CCL Award of Excellence. Sixty-five students and 99 assignments per class. Unlimited classes, flex grading systems. Calculates grades, analyzes assignments, prints variety of performance reports for students, parents, and administrators. Special elementary version available. Available for IBM Compatible and Apple II. Price: $49.95 per unit. Trial available on open credit. Projac Software, P.O. Box 8357, Mission Hills, CA 91346; (818) 886-3234. Circle Reader Service #41.

Multiple Choices

Create your own tests. Input material for any grade level, any curriculum area, and this software program will transform the data into your choice of nine different kinds of quizzes and activities. Preview copy available. Mindscape Educational Software; (800) 829-1900. Circle Reader Service #105.


TestMaker macros installed on AppleWorks (v.2.0-3.0) to write, edit, scramble, sort, select, save, and print multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true or false, vocabulary, and glossary formats plus answer key. Price: $24.95 plus $2 shipping and handling. TestMaker, 912 Kingsley Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. Circle Reader Service #65.


An award-winning grading program for all grade levels. Powerful and easy to use. Extensive options allow it to adapt to almost any teacher's needs. Intuitech, 69 S. 400 E., Orem, UT 84058; (801) 2262583. Sixty-day guarantee. Price: IBM, $65; Apple, $45. Demo disk available. Circle Reader Service #49.

Grade Machine

Fast, full-screen editing of grades, weighted assignment categories, and customized reports. Many special features for elementary, secondary, and college teachers. Money-back guarantee. Not copy-protected. Price: $74.95, Macintosh; $59.95, IBM or Apple II, plus $3.50 shipping and handling (and 8.2 percent tax in Washington). Misty City Software, 10921 129th Place, N.E., Kirkland, WA 98033; (206) 828-3107. Mention this listing and save $10. Circle Reader Service #99.

Plan To Teach

Software includes lesson planning, classroom management, effective teaching, and cooperative learning. Carol Cumming's free brochure lists Plan To Teach software, books, and videotapes. University credit video course available. Teaching Inc., P.O. Box 788, Edmonds, WA 98020; (206) 7740755. Circle Reader Service #15.

Grolier Encyclopedia Network Software

The new 1990 Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia on CD-ROM features more than 33,000 full articles, as well as fact boxes, bibliographies, discographies, and extensive cross references. Online is the exclusive distributor of the network version of the Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia, which allows multiple-user access. Cheryl McGarry, Online Computer Systems; (301) 601-2227, (800) 922-9204. Circle Reader Service #117.

CCC Instructional System

CCC Instructional System is an individualized learning system proved to get results. Used in more than 3,500 sites. Computer Curriculum Corp., P.O. Box 3711, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3711; (800) 227-8324. Circle Reader Service #113.


Dinosaur Blend

Capitalize on the intricate nature of the dinosaur topic by using it as a vehicle for teaching the full range of thinking skills. Forty data cards, 5-foot timeline, two double-sided disks for AppleWorks and FredWriter. Continuing Education Press, Portland State University; (503) 725-4846. Gr. 2-8.

List Learner

Build lists of information on any subject, then test recall of that information. List Learner gently introduces students to more sophisticated database concepts. For use on Apple Macintosh. Price: $59.95 (check or money order). Selective Memory, P.O. Box 710098, San Jose, CA 95171; (800) 695-0915. Gr. 4-12 and higher education.

VB Career Finder

Answer 18 questions and get a list of 20 careers that most closely match your interests. Get information and fit data about any occupation in the system. Free sample of print material. Vocational Biographies Inc., P.O. Box 31, Sauk Centre, MN 56378; (800) 255-0752. Gr. 5 reading level.

Quiz Control

Create on-screen flash cards or purchase study modules on American history, basic science, English, French, writing, DOS, medical terms, computer literacy, and calories and nutrition. Price: $49.95; modules, $19.95 each. Quick Study Software Inc.; (800) 782-5930. IBM, Gr. 5-12 and higher education.

The New Electronic Encyclopedia

The full text of the 1990 edition of the Academic American Encyclopedia--more than 33,000 articles and 9 million words on one compact disk. Thousands of pictures enhance this new edition along with 3,000 new or updated articles. Grolier Electronic Publishing; (203) 797-3365. Gr. 6-12.

Diet Simple

Analyzes foods, meals, and diets for nutrient contents by weight and percentage of RDA. Database contains 2,025 foods and 28 nutrients (plus weight, water, and cost). Graphic and tabular analyses. (503) 3649118. Gr. 7-12.

Baseball Statbook

The software tool to manage team and league baseball stats. IBM-PC compatible. Price: $69. Also available: statbook for basketball ($59), football ($79), hockey and soccer ($49), league scheduler ($55). RJL Systems, 106 New Haven Ave., Milford, CT 06460; (203) 878-0376.


MacLinkPlus/PC provides transfer and translation between a Macintosh and a PC, PC-compatible, Sun, or NeXT. It comes with all transfer materials, a direct connect cable (or use Hayes or compatible modems if you prefer), software for both machines, and a full instruction book. Translated files retain their original format and are fully usable in new environment. MacLinkPlus/Translators is the same product without the transfer materials. Circle Reader Service #22.

Drug Abuse Learning Environment

Developed at Purdue University as part of a research project. Drug Abuse Learning Environment contains two and a half hours of comprehensive, interactive educational material dealing with health and social consequences. Substance Abuse Education; (913) 441-1868. Free demo disk. Circle Reader Service #104.

FrEdBase 2.0

A low-cost, high-quality alternative to commercial database programs. FrEdBase can have up to 18 fields and printout column and label-type reports plus bar, line, and pie charts. The program may be copied. Price: $25. Write ISTE, 1787 Agate St., Eugene, OR 97403; (503) 346-4414. Circle Reader Service #114.

MicroTEST Score II Plus

Scores teacher-made and criterion-referenced objective tests. Reports on group performance, measures mastery for each subtest, and analyzes the quality of individual test items. Combine with a microcomputer and an optical mark reading scanner. IBM compatible. NCS; (800) 447-3269.

Lesson Plan Instruction System

A computerized lesson planning system. Choose from hundreds of goals in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Find goals, write, and print plans easily. Price: $75; $25 per subject. Stuyvesant Business Associates; (718) 625-3920.


WordPlay helps teach words by creating crossword puzzles based on the current lesson. It comes with more than 50 puzzles. Price: $49.95. Palantir Inc.; (512) 8548787.

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