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Basic Composer
Compose, play back, transpose; print music and lyrics; guitar grids, all clefs, grand staff; all keys, time signatures, and tempos. Available at Egghead Software, Software City. Price: $49.95. Education Software Consultants, 934 Forest Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302; (708) 848-6677. I, Gr. 3-12.


Q & A
An integrated package that incorporates the tasks of word processing, report generation, and database management with an intelligent assistant that allows database queries to be English statements. Edutech/ Symantic Corp.; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

An outliner, word processor, and data management program to help in planning, writing, and information management. Edutech/Symantic Corp., P.O. Box 51755, Pacific Grove, CA 93950; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.


Mindplay: Ace Programmer I & II
Logic skills, programming in Basic. This program is an interactive tutorial that teaches Basic and DOS. Thirty-five learning segments offer examples and practice. Features: management system for teachers, bookmark. Price: $39.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. A, Gr. 2-6.

MicroLearn Tutorial Series
Tutorials on U.S. Constitution, algebra, geometry, SAT, reading, science, health, and other topics provide interactive lessons with explanations for every answer choice. Also offers help screens, branching, and test mode. Price: $39.95. Word Associates Inc.; (708) 291-1101. A, I, C, Gr. 7-12.

Just Enough Pascal
A desk accessory that teaches Pascal programming by helping you create, modify, and debug a complete game application for use with the THINK Pascal development environment. Available from Edutech/Symantic Corp.; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Time Line
This project manager features resourcedriven scheduling, resource leveling and histograms, customizable Gantt, interactive PERT, Project Journal, form-driven report generator, and project presentation capability. Edutech/Symantic Corp.; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3 Training.
The Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3 Training Series is a complete, comprehensive, and easy-touse six-course training series for the new 1-2-3 user. Presented in an understandable format so the user can quickly master the power of Release 3. (800) LEARN-PC. Gr. 9-12.


Talking Addition & Subtraction
Youngsters work with a human voice that adds and subtracts. Speech and vivid graphics help children visualize number problems and their solutions. Price: $59. Orange Cherry Software, P.O. Box 390, Pound Ridge, NY 10576; (914) 764-4104. A, Ages 5-8.

Kinder Koncepts
Thirty programs that deal with readiness skills at the kindergarten level. Fifteen math programs deal with concepts such as more, less, longest, shortest, etc. Fifteen readiness programs cover discrimination, patterns, sequences, shapes, etc. Free backup disks. Price: $99, plus $2 shipping. Midwest Software; (800) 422-0095. D (Apple only), T, Gr. preK-remedial 1. Circle Reader Service #95.

Mindplay: Easy Street
Reading, math, and problem-solving adventure game introduces classification, labeling, letter/picture/number/shape matching, discrimination, visual memory, and counting skills. Eight play levels. Price: $49.99. Mindplay; (800) 221-7911. A, I, Gr. preK-2.

Love This Cat
Through this picture story, children learn what it means to let go of anxiety and fear to find life a positive, joyful experience. Contains vivid graphics and animation. This program is used in the children's ward of many hospitals. Price: $39.50. Psychological Psoftware; (408) 688-6808.

Maestroscope Theory Readiness
Teach music fundamentals to prereaders. Sequential. Students work independently at a computer with minimal supervision. Maestro Music Inc., 2403 San Mateo, N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87110.


Spanish Assistant
Helps users translate, write, and study Spanish. Includes English-Spanish translator, grammar help, bilingual dictionaries, and more. French, German, and Italian also available. Price: $79.95. MicroTac Software; (800) 366-4170. I, Gr. 6-12.

Apfelschuss: German "Hangman''
Increases students' vocabulary as they try to shoot arrow through apple. Vocabulary review, quiz, color graphics, German music, text file for new words. Networkable. Price: $49.95. Gessler, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099. A. Circle Reader Service #99.

The Spanish Contest
Multiple-choice questions on grammar and culture. Explanations of right/wrong answers make this a teaching, as well as a testing, program. Hundreds of questions for practice and review on one diskette. Price: $39.95, including back-up. Network version: $150. Lingo Fun Inc.; (614) 8828258. A, I, M.

National Foreign Language Exam
Audio plus software helps prepare for NFLE and achievement tests. Contains official AATSP and AATG questions and AATF exam format. Comprehensive test practice and reviews. Levels I-IV. Free catalog. Price: $49.95 per level, $180 per set: French, Spanish, German. Gessler, 55 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011; (212) 627-0099. A, I. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #62.


Three cultural-based folktales (Pecos Bill, Legends of Raven, Ananse the Spider) bring together the ancient art of storytelling and the modern magic of computer technology. Each folk tale has three parts. Preview available. WKB; (800) 421-2009. Gr. K-8.

The Electronic Bookshelf
A literature-based whole-language reading program with quizzes for 4,500 trade titles. Computer grades and records all quizzes and verifies comprehension. Takes care of all record-keeping so you can recognize and reward independent reading for pleasure and/or credit. The Electronic Bookshelf Inc., RR 9, Box 64, Frankfort, IN 46041. Gr. K-12. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #21.

Grammar Toy Shop
Program design supports whole-language approach in language instruction. Build grammar skills by creating complete sentences with subject/verb agreement and sorting parts of speech. MECC, 3490 Lexington Ave., N., St. Paul, MN 55126. Gr. 1-2.

Right On Elementary Language Arts
Twelve programs with reproducible activity sheets. Includes full sentences, nouns, verbs, capitalization and punctuation, contractions, conjunctions, sentence fragments, and more. Price: $25 per program. Labpacks available. Right On Programs; (516) 424-7777. A, Gr. 1-6.

A database of fiction titles searchable by author, subject, title, and the Book Detective (a title search based on the child's reading level and area of interest). Free 60-day preview. The Oryx Press, 4041 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ 85012-3397; (800) 279-ORYX. A, I, Gr. 1-9.

Pickleface And Other Stories
Enjoy the adventures of Jodi and her friends. Build higher-level comprehension skills with integrated modifiable questions and worksheets. The first in the New Kid Series. Price: $59.95. Hartley Inc.; (800) 247-1380. A, Gr. 4-5.

New Kid On The Block
True-to-life stories of Jodi and the frustrations of adolescence, being new and lonely. Integrated questions and work sheets cover higher-level inferential comprehension skills. Modifiable record-keeping. Price: $59.95. Hartley Inc.; (800) 247-1380. A, Gr. 5-6.

SEEN: Tutorials For Critical Reading
Helps students analyze their reading assignments and bridge the gap between reading and writing through tutorials tailored to reading tasks. Free brochure. Price: $90. CONDUIT; (800) 365-9774. I, A, T, Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

VERSATEXT Reading Package
An integrated reading-skills development package for IBM and Macintosh. It includes an authoring system, instruction system, and up to 150 ready-to-use lessons. Price: $30-$1,100. Site licensing available. ICD Corp., 750 N. 200 W., Provo, UT 84601; (801) 373-3233 or (800) 658-8567. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #85.

ESL School Edition
This ESL companion contains everything teachers need to incorporate computer use with ESL instruction: flash cards, game patterns, activity sheets, two graphics diskettes, a template diskette, black-line masters, and more, all in one binder. Creative Pursuits; (213) 472-1179.


Exploring Measurement, Time & Money
Provides interactive, discovery-based learning experiences in the three content areas. Uses colorful graphics to motivate students. Relates topics to events and processes in students' world. IBM, P.O. Box 2150, Atlanta, GA 30055. Gr. K-6.

Hands-On Math (Vol. I-III)
Computer-simulated math manipulatives provide a bridge between concrete and abstract learning. Available for Apple, Macintosh, or IBM/Tandy computers. Complete with teacher's guide and work sheets. Free catalog. Ventura Educational Systems; (800) 336-1022. Gr. K-8.

IBM Math Concepts Series
Helps students learn the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and geometry at progressive difficulty levels. Self-paced, interactive instruction and application-oriented activities aim at true cognitive skills development. IBM; (404) 238-2720. Gr. K-8.

Estimating & Common Sense
Teaches estimation of distance, area, and money addition. Teaches new ways of breaking down problems and seeing components. Helps to organize and analyze. Price: $59.95. Data Command; (800) 5287390. I, A, D, T, Gr. 4-8.

Core Concepts In Science & Math
Instructional videodisc programs use the principals of effective teaching to teach students critical skills in fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, and word problem equations in chemistry and earth science. Price: $2,145-$2,860. Systems Impact Inc.; (301) 869-0400. I, A, M, Gr. 5-12.

Theorist, From Prescience Corp.
A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get symbolic algebra and graphing program. Theorist will solve, graph, and animate equations. Easily create 2D, 3D, B&W, color, or gray-scale plots that may be animated. Edutech; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

Calculus (Kemeny/Kurtz Math Series)
This package, by John Kemeny, explores calculus. Includes symbolic integration, derivatives, Newton's method, and all calculus topics. Price: $79.95. Labpacks and quantity discounts available. Free catalog of 30 educational titles. True BASIC Inc.; (800) 872-2742. I, M, D.


Crossword Magic Puzzle Disks
Six disks full of instant crossword puzzles in curriculum areas: math, science, social studies, language arts, reading, and spelling. Requires 4.0 version of Crossword Magic. Free catalog. Mindscape, 1345 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 606141299; (800) 829-1900. Gr. K-12.

Word Search/Bingo Power
Create word searches, vocabulary bingo cards, and flash cards from your words and definitions. Totally compatible with Crossword Power. Price: $29.95, plus $2 shipping. WISCO Computing, P.O. Box 8, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-0008. I, D, Gr. 3-12 and higher education.

Hide And Seek
User becomes producer. Using synthesis skills, producer creates and hides treasures throughout own game board. User takes on games already made and deciphers game board.Teaches visual mapping skills. Price: $49.95. Data Command Inc.; (800) 528-7390. A, T, Gr. 3-5.

Computer generates item, student searches to find partner on game board. Builds word attack skills as well as basic math. Price: $75.95 set, $39.95 each. Data Command Inc.; (800) 528-7390. A, C, D, T, Gr. 4-6, remedial 7-8.

Students experiment with macroeconomic policies in a simulated economy, manipulating taxes, spending, interest rates, and money supply to find the right policy combinations for full employment with controlled inflation. Price: $25. Duke University Press; (919) 684-6837. I, Gr. 12.


Human Body: An Overview
See your body in a new dimension! The systems of the human body come alive: muscular, digestive, respiratory, skeletal, circulatory, and nervous systems. Brainware puts you on familiar terms with yourself. Generation Ahead of Maryland; (301) 869-0248. Gr. 5-12.

Personal Science Laboratory
PSL is a state-of-the-art tool that allows students to conduct scientific investigation, observation, experimentation, and hypothesizing in the same way as actual scientists. IBM, 4111 Northside Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30327; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 6-12.

Scientific Reasoning Series
The IBM Scientific Reasoning Series is designed to help students think and reason using scientific methods. The programs are based on the discovery approach to learning and are highly interactive. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 6-12.

Biology Series
The 20-title IBM Biology Series is a set of integrated science programs designed to help students learn modern biology. The instructional design and organization is rooted in current curricula, texts, and statewide learning objectives. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 7-12.

Earth Science Skills
The IBM Earth Science Series explains how natural forces are at work on our planet and how they affect people's daily lives. The eight programs lead students to explain, observe, and predict. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 7-12.

NSL Diet Analyzer
Ideal for weight control, menu planning, recipe analysis. Tracks calories and 23 nutrients for 1,000 foods (including many fast foods). Free catalog. Price: $49.95, plus $2.50 shipping. Natural Software Ltd., 129 Pearsall Place, Ithaca, NY 14850; (800) 626-2511. Gr. 7-12.

Introduction To General Chemistry
Developed by Falcon Software Inc., Introduction to General Chemistry uses an inquiry approach actively involving students in the learning process. Ten-diskette package of more than 50 instructional programs. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 9-12.

Physics Series
The IBM Physics Series is based on the developmental sequence of exploration, conceptualization, and application of major concepts in modern physics. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 9-12.

Kangasaurus: Transmission Genetics
A simulation that provides an open framework for discovering and mastering genetic concepts. Students design the genetic system for an imaginary "Kangasaurus.'' Manipulate variables, observe effects, test hypothesis. EME Corp., P.O. Box 2805, Danbury, CT 06813. Gr. 9-12.

Exploring Chemistry
An interactive videodisc product developed by Falcon Software Inc. and offered by IBM. The three diskettes allow students to simulate experiments in a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment. IBM; (404) 238-2371. Gr. 10-12.


Poverty Game
Students implement public policies to reduce U.S. poverty. Students make 10 multiple-choice decisions that affect poverty and inflation rates. Textual and graphic feedback follow each decision. Price: $25. Duke University Press; (919) 684-2173. I, M, Gr. K-12.

Data Chase
Database program with graphing abilities. Fifty-state database. Teacher guide with additional teaching activities. Price: $79.95. Data Command Inc.; (800) 5287390. A, D, T, Gr. 4-9.

U.S.A. SoftTester I
Students name and locate state capitals on a map. Requires IBM with 256K and graphics. Learning aids included. Students can retake tests until successful. Tests are graded, printed, or displayed. Rising Dawn Software; (213) 473-7113. Gr. 7-12.

Simpolicon: Economic Simulation
Groups enter decisions, get status printouts. "High-quality course ware,'' Minnesota State Department of Education, 1987. "Software of the Year,'' Classroom Computer Learning, January 1985. Free brochure. CCS, 5385 Elrose Ave., San Jose, CA 95124. Gr. 9-12.

Teaches money management. Helps you assess your financial goals, determine how to make your career work for you, weigh housing considerations, and learn how to furnish your home for less money. Price: $49.50. Psychological Psoftware; (408) 6886808. Gr. 9-12.


Aeius Gradebook
Fast, easy-to-use computerized grade book. Forty-eight students with 64 grades. Up to 20 classes. Print individual progress reports, grade postings, report cards, grade distributions. Aeius Corporation, P.O. Box 700457, San Jose, CA 95170. I, Gr. K-12.

Macschool By Chancery
An administrative multi- or single-user program offering a management system of student information, attendance, report cards, transcripts, scheduling, and library circulation. Williams Computer Center; (713) 367-1600. Gr. K-12 and higher education.

The Teacher's Tool Kit
Allows teachers to design their own curriculum for any subject or grade level. Wordsearch and word-scramble puzzle generator. Word-match and multiple-choice test generator. Works with Apple or IBM. Hi Tech of Santa Cruz; (408) 425-5654. Gr. 3-12 and higher education.

The School District Manager
Employee-administration software. Multipurpose software for back office survival in public or private schools. Tracks more than 80 items on each employee and allows endless combinations of reporting, labels, projections, and mail merge. San Mateo Software; (415) 573-1919.

NCS Mentor Score
Provides a comprehensive solution for your criterion-referenced test scoring and reporting needs. Features include standard or custom report capabilities, statistical analysis, online help, and multiple-mark scoring and weighting. National Computer Systems Inc.; (612) 829-3158.

Gradebook 6.0 For Apple II
Teachers can record, maintain, and average grades. Many features and reports for most teaching situations and requirements: progress reports for all students, semester/final averages, and more. Price: $45. Site license available. Gradebook; (409) 756-8843.

Essential Teaching Skills
A level III, interactive videodisc program designed for first-year teachers as part of their induction into school and for experienced teachers as a review and reference guide. Ferranti Educational Systems Inc., P.O. Box 3040, Lancaster, PA 17604-3040; (717) 898-0890.

An award-winning grading program for all grade levels. Powerful and exceptionally easy to use. Extensive options allow it to adapt to almost any teacher's needs. Sixtyday guarantee. Price: $65, IBM; $45, Apple. Intuitech, 69 S. 400, E., Orem, UT 84058; (801) 226-2583. D. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #58.

TestMaker macros installed on AppleWorks (v.2.0-3.0) to write, edit, scramble, sort, select, save, and print multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true/false, vocabulary, and glossary formats plus answer key. Price: $24.95, plus $2 shipping and handling. TestMaker, 912 Kingsley Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. A. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #71.


Open Integrated Learning System
CSR has an Open Integrated Learning System that manages CSR, IBM, and third-party basic skills course ware. The system identifies skill deficits and prescribes corrective course ware. Computer Systems Research, Avon, CT 06001; (800) 922-1190. Gr. K-12.

MacType teaches typing with the normal teaching method. It is not a game. Keeps track of 100 students and will print out a certificate. Retail: $59.95. Palantir Inc., 4455 S. Padre Island Drive, Suite 43, Corpus Christi, TX 78411; (512) 854-8787. Gr. K-12 and higher education.

Drugs: Friend Or Foe?
Free preview. Apple diskette teaches drugresistive skills. Interactive software. Works in partnership with the classic video of the same name. Free catalog. Marshmedia, P.O. Box 8082, Shawnee Mission, KS 66208; (800) 821-3303. Gr. 2-4.

Life-like animated graphics teach correct keyboarding. Skill check creates written analysis. Unlimited record-keeping, printouts, network compatible. Site licensed; single-user editions available. Bytes of Learning; (416) 495-9913. I, A, M, free preview, Gr. 3-12. ®MDBU¯Circle Reader Service #46.

Information Station
Students float miles above the earth, orbiting the planet in an information station satellite. Society for Visual Education, 1345 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614; (800) 829-1900. Gr. 4-6.

Information Finder
World Book Encyclopedia and World Book Dictionary are now on CD-ROM database. Information Finder includes 17,000 encyclopedia articles and 139,000 dictionary entries. Operates on most IBM-compatible computers. World Book; (800) 621-8202. Gr. 4-12.

A graphics creation/typesetting package for IBM and Apple II computers. Typeset to the graphic screen in any foreign language, standard alphanumeric, or symbol set. Data Transforms, 616 Washington St., Denver, CO 80203. Gr. 5-12 and higher education.

Survey Power
Designed to create, analyze, and print out complete, demographic, and correlation results to your surveys, questionnaires, and opinion polls. Price: $25, plus $2 shipping. WISCO Computing, P.O. Box 8, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-0008. Gr. 7-12 and higher education.

>WriteNow For Macintosh, From T/Maker Co.
What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get word processor features a fast 135,000-word dictionary, 1.4 million-word thesaurus, conditional mail merge, multiple headers, footers, columns, and automatic footnotes. Edutech; (408) 372-8100. Gr. 8-12 and higher education.

College Selection Service
Quickly identify four- or two-year colleges that have the characteristics you want. Revised annually. Price: $159, four-year colleges; $109, two-year colleges. Peterson's, P.O. Box 2123, Princeton, NJ 085432123; (800) EDUDATA. I, A, Gr. 9-12.

Financial Aid Service
Step-by-step planning for college costs, family contribution estimates, cost calculations by college. Access to 35,000 scholarship sources, federal and state aid eligibility. Updated yearly. Price: $195. Peterson's, P.O. Box 2123, Princeton, NJ 085432123; (800) EDUDATA. I, A, Gr. 9-12.

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