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Teacher‘s read on news, developments, and blogs. (Blogboard ceased publishing in April 2010.)

Education Visit 'Teaching Now'
Editors Note: Blogboard will no longer be updated as of April 26, 2010. For our take on the latest in the teacher blogosphere, please visit our new blog, Teaching Now.
Anthony Rebora, April 27, 2010
1 min read
Education A Calculated Decision?
Thanks to a few new science standards that involve math, Ms. Bluebird realized that her students can't compute without a calculator.
Bryan Toporek, April 21, 2010
1 min read
Education A Tutor's Dilemma
Ms. Cookie found herself conflicted last week, as a student with "attendance issues" decided to ask for tutoring help two days before the class had a test.
Bryan Toporek, April 20, 2010
1 min read
Education When Teachers Learn From Comics
Harking back to his high school days, Mister Teacher recently tried applying a lesson he learned from old-school comic books to his classroom.
Bryan Toporek, April 14, 2010
1 min read
Education Jonathan Swift and Test Scores
David Cohen writes a faux letter from a student to a teacher, where the student thanks the teacher for helping raise his test scores. (Sarcasm full speed ahead!)
Bryan Toporek, April 1, 2010
1 min read
Education The Rogue Sub
Mei Flower figured her class would still run fine after leaving explicit instructions for a substitute while she was sick...that is, until the "rogue sub" came along.
Bryan Toporek, March 31, 2010
1 min read
Education Survey Says?
While being forced to administer the 2010 NYC School Survey to her students in class, Miss Eyre was equal parts heartened and disheartened" by her students' responses.
Bryan Toporek, March 25, 2010
1 min read
Education A Curriculum Valuation Issue
On What It's Like on the Inside, the Science Goddess raises the inherent problem with nationwide school budget cuts: Which programs are being slashed and why?
Bryan Toporek, March 24, 2010
1 min read
Education What Students Should Know
Inspired by another blogger's list of the "Top Ten Things Every Graduating High School Student Should Know or Understand," loonyhiker posts her own list for her special education students.
Bryan Toporek, March 15, 2010
1 min read
School & District Management Sparking School Reform Discussion
To begin her speech classes' persuasion unit, Mei Flower asked her students how to fix some of their school's problems; she learned that even students recognize the flaws in NCLB.
Bryan Toporek, March 15, 2010
1 min read
Education Spring Broken
With one week of classes separating his students from spring break, Hobo Teacher wasn't very optimistic about his chances to accomplish much in his classroom this week.
Bryan Toporek, March 12, 2010
1 min read
Education Collaboration Key to Student Success
Cindy Rigsbee responds to the recent Metlife survey about teacher collaboration with delight, as the findings ring true with her.
Bryan Toporek, March 3, 2010
1 min read
Education Off With Bad Teachers' Heads?
Robert Pondiscio wonders, "What would happen if we simply adopted policies of systematically removing the most ineffective teachers?," as recently proposed by Stanford University economist Richard Hanushek:
Bryan Toporek, February 24, 2010
1 min read
Education Fun With Acrostics
Inspired by his school's newest acrostic slogan "L.E.A.R.N.", Hobo Teacher creates his own acrostic which he believes to more accurately reflect his school's mission.
Bryan Toporek, February 24, 2010
1 min read