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Bringing the District Back In: The Role of the Central Office in Instruction and Achievement

By Martha Abele McIver & Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, 2008
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This resource examines the role of the central office in improving instruction and therefore improving student achievement. Mac Iver and Farley-Ripple provide a comprehensive review of the available research on the role of the central office in student achievement. First, they review the research chronologically, and then by study type: positive outlier studies, district case studies, and comparative district studies. After completing the review and synthesis of the research, the authors point to gaps in the research and outline implications for future exploration.

120 pages.

Table of Contents

I. The District Context

II. An Overview of Research on the District Central Office
Effective Schools Research
Positive Outlier District Studies
District Case Studies
Comparative District Studies

III. The Roles of the Central Office in Improving Instruction and Achievement
Decision Making About Curriculum/Instruction
Supporting Good Instructional Practice
Linking Evaluation to District Decision Making

IV. Practical Implications for School Districts
A Model of the Central Office Role in Student Achievement
Implications for Practitioners
Implications for Researchers