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What We Know About: Effective Classroom Management to Support Student Learning

By Elizabeth Shellard with Nancy Protheroe and Jennifer Turner, 2005
Price: Paperback, $20
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Good classroom management supports good instruction. Just as important, instruction that actively engages students’ attention and efforts decreases the incidence of student misbehavior.

This book discusses the link between instruction and management, describes daily routines that contribute to a smoothly run classroom, and talks about the how-to’s of dealing with problem behavior. Finally, it discusses the key role a schoolwide approach to behavior management can play in helping staff and students establish an environment in which good behavior is the norm. 2005. 94 pages.

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Table of Contents:

  • The Link between Classroom Management and Student Learning
  • Elements of Effective Classroom Management
  • Teaching about Appropriate Student Behavior
  • Key Elements of Effective Classroom Management
  • Keeping Discipline Positive
  • Providing Instruction in Ways Students Find Interesting
  • Promoting Student Self-Management
  • Establishing Guidelines for Acceptable Behavior
  • Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors
  • Taking a Strategic Approach to Misbehavior
  • Working with Parents to Improve Student Behavior
  • Elements of an Effective Schoolwide Approach
  • Developing a Schoolwide Discipline Plan
  • The Role of the Principal
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