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Curriculum-Based Measurement: A Proven Tool to Increase Achievement

By Suzanne Clarke, 2009
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FOCUSON curriculum based measurement

This Focus On discusses curriculum-based measurement (CBM), the most widely used research-based method for student progress monitoring, which is required in Response to Intervention (RTI) approaches. CBM is supported by nearly 30 years of empirical evidence of its effectiveness in monitoring student progress to increase achievement. Teachers administer short, standardized probes, chart the data, and modify instruction as needed.

Table of Contents

  • What is CBM?
  • Characteristics and Advantages
  • How Can It Be Used?
  • Implementing CBM in the Classroom
  • Administering and Scoring Probes
  • Charting, Interpreting, and Using Data
  • Common CBM Measures
  • Reading CBM
  • Mathematics CBM

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