School & District Management Book

An Overview of Sixteen Trends...Their Profound Impact on Our Future

By Gary Marx, 2006, Reprinted, 2011
Price: Paperback, $14
BOOKS overview sixteen trends

The Overview is a condensation of the full Sixteen Trends book. This abbreviated version provides an economical opportunity to order in bulk and distribute copies to an entire school staff, community groups, or other clients and constituents. The Overview of Sixteen Trends is an important tool for raising awareness about the need to scan the environment, stay in touch with a fast-changing world, and consider plans for the future.

Trends include:

  • Majorities will become minorities, creating ongoing challenges for social cohesion
  • Social and intellectual capital will become economic drivers, intensifying competition for well-educated people
  • Technology will increase the speed of communication and the pace of advancement or decline
  • As nations vie for understanding and respect in an interdependent world, international learning, including diplomatic skills, will become basic
  • Competition will increase to attract and keep qualified educators