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Next Step in Diversity Training: Teachers Learn to Face Their Unconscious Biases Teachers Face Their Unconscious Biases in New Type of PD Training
Implicit-bias training goes further than asking teachers to understand their students’ backgrounds. It asks teachers to look at themselves. Read more.
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The ProEthica® Program
Every day, educators face situations not addressed in their school’s rules or policies. Yet, they’re expected to make the best decisions for all involved. The ProEthica® program is designed to help educators apply professional ethics to navigate the dilemmas they encounter. Learn more.

Who Shows Up for Teachers? Coalition-Building in the Era of Educator Activism Who Shows Up for Teachers? Coalition-Building in the Era of Educator Activism
"Teaching is a political act," argues teacher-turned-politician John Waldron. And it's going to take more organizing to rescue public education. Read more.
Tech Advances, Automation Fueling Employers' Demand for 'Soft Skills'
Employers are putting a premium on soft-skills—like attention to detail—that aren't always easy to capture or measure. Read more.

Education Week – The Ed-Tech Leadership & Innovation Summit
Join Education Week’s newsroom on Wednesday June 5, 2019, from 1 to 3 p.m., as they offer you an opportunity to probe and better understand the challenges facing ed-tech leaders and innovators during this online event. Learn more.

Teachers Are Cynical About 'School Improvement Plans.' What Can Principals Do to Change That? Teachers Are Cynical About 'School Improvement Plans.' What Principals Can Do to Change That
Nearly every school has an "improvement plan," but a new survey shows that only 44 percent of teachers said their school's plan led to changes in their teaching practices, compared to 67 percent of principals. Read more.
Questions to Ask Yourself as the School Year Winds Down
The end of the school year allows teachers time to reflect on both triumphs and failures. Justin Minkel urges teachers to evaluate their own practice and then act on the epiphanies that come. Read more.

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U.S. Economy Needs More Foreign Language Studies to Stay Competitive, Report Says
Ed. Dept. Reverts to Original Timeline for Rules on Racial Bias in Special Education
Persistent College-Going Gaps Probed in Latest 'Condition of Education' Report
Strategies for 'Trauma-Informed Teaching'
How Can We Move Education Forward When So Many Educators Can't See Past the Way We've Always Done It?
Transformation Science: The Emerging Practice of Next Gen Change Management
How Education Companies Can Thrive in the Most Volatile Month of the K-12 Sales Cycle
1. For Teachers of Children Living in Poverty, The End of the Year Brings Mixed Emotions (Opinion)
2. Sick Teachers Paying for Substitutes: Where and Why It’s Happening
3. 4 Things Teachers Shouldn't Be Asking Their Students to Do (Opinion)
4. 65 Years After Brown v. Board, Where Are All the Black Educators?
5. Bernie Sanders' Education Plan: Unions and Desegregation Win, Charters Lose

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