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Vision, Reality Collide in Common-Core Tests Vision, Reality Collide in Common-Core Tests
Political, technical, and financial factors have constrained some of the original, and more ambitious, plans for the assessments being developed by two state coalitions. Read more.
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Obama Administration Programs for K-12 Vulnerable
Some of the president's high-profile K-12 programs may have an uncertain future without strong patrons in Congress or a formal anchor in federal law. Read more.
(Education Week)
InBloom CEO Recounts Uphill Fight to Win Over the Public on Data, Privacy
Appearing at a major ed. business event on the day his organization announced plans to shut down, inBloom's CEO acknowledged the difficulty of conveying its mission to the public. Read more.
(Marketplace K-12)
Student Voices: What Teachers Really Do Student Voices: What Teachers Really Do
In their latest roundtable, Education Week Teacher asks students, "What do you think makes someone a good teacher?" Read more.
(Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable)
Reactions to the 'Common Core' Math Problem That Went Viral Reactions to the 'Common Core' Math Problem That Went Viral
A father posted a page from his son's supposed common-core math assignment on Facebook, claiming that despite his own degree in engineering, he could not solve the problem. Read more.
(Curriculum Matters)
Photo Gallery: Testing the Tests for Students With Cognitive Disabilities
Justices Uphold Michigan Ballot Ban on Race Preferences in Higher Ed.
(The School Law Blog)
Study: U.S. 4th Graders Get More Help With Less Homework
(Inside School Research)
Plans to Have Michelle Obama Speak at Graduation Cause a Stir
(Politics K-12)
Indiana Standards Slated to Replace Common Core Clear First Hurdle
(State EdWatch)
At Ed. Business Summit, Jeb Bush Makes Case for Choice
(Marketplace K-12)
Laws in 11 States Require Closure of Low-Performing Charters
(Charters & Choice)
AFT's Lesson-Sharing Site Clocks a Half-Million Registrants
(Teacher Beat)
Most States Increase Funding for Higher Ed. Last Year
(College Bound)
Response: 'Differentiation Is More Than a Set of Strategies'
(Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo)
Is the Small Schools Movement Really Dead?
(Bridging Differences)
Common-Core Overreaction
(Walt Gardner's Reality Check)
Why Gym Class Isn't the Cure for Childhood Obesity
(Teacher in a Strange Land)
Treating Education as a Zero-Sum Game
(Finding Common Ground)
Springtime Evaluations Offer a Glorious Opportunity
(Leadership 360)
Brooks, Stotsky, and the Common Core
(Rick Hess Straight Up)
Gaming in K-12 Classrooms: Fun Should Be Intrinsic
(Education Futures)
1. Teacher Exodus Is No Surprise (Walt Gardner's Reality Check Blog)
2. Hurdles in Pairing General, Special Education Teachers
3. Why Ed Tech Is Not Transforming How Teachers Teach
4. Is Advanced Placement's Value in the Class or the Test? (Inside School Research Blog)
5. ESEA Reauthorization Efforts Running Up Against Senate Calendar (Politics K-12 Blog)

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