Teachers Talk Instructional Changes

On Twitter, educators discussed their summer professional-development plans, and what they'd like to do differently in the classroom this fall.

  1. Yesterday, I put a call out on Twitter for teachers to answer these questions: What are you planning to change about your instruction for next year? And what will you do over the summer to help make that happen?
  2. It turned out to be an even more fun exercise than anticipated--and a compelling argument for the use of Twitter as a professional-development tool.
  3. Some teachers said they're planning to incorporate more technology in the classroom, including 1-to-1 devices, blogging, and Google Apps for Education.
  4. @LianaHeitin @educationweek switching to @Schoology for LMS and using Google Apps as part of 1:1 first year. Teaching myself both systems!
  5. @LianaHeitin @educationweek blogging about current issues in AP 11 ELA. Also helping them become more adept w/ GAFE (went 1:1 last yr).
  6. @LianaHeitin I'm going to be implementing interactive math notebooks for my 5/6 graders! I've been researching blogs via Pinterest (:
  7. A few also said they're looking into using "gamification."
  8. @LianaHeitin @educationweek #Gamify my "flipped" classroom>>Get them engaged & self-paced! Headed to @NCCATNews for #DigitalLearning WS.
  9. @LianaHeitin Teaching with games to support ELA instruction for middle school students and provide authentic and meaningful opportunities.
  10. As we've written on Ed Week before, digital learning games have become quite prevalent in classrooms.
  11. Many teachers answered on Twitter that they're planning to address students' social and emotional needs more directly next year.
  12. @LianaHeitin continue to teach students self-regulation and self-assessment strategies.
  13. @LianaHeitin @educationweek encouraging a growth mindset in my students and myself & educating myself and practicing on my own children-3&6
  14. @LianaHeitin I'll be making my Social Emotional Learning lessons much more accessible to English Language Learners
  15. That's not hugely surprising, as an Education Week Research Center survey recently found that teachers are increasingly seeing social and emotional learning as critical to student achievement.
  16. Improving their formative assessment techniques is also a top priority for some teachers.
  17. @LianaHeitin @educationweek Plan on stepping up my authentic assessment practice. Checklists, rubrics, observations with data collection. :)
  18. @LianaHeitin @GetKahoot @quizizz both offer teachers the opportunity to record/download student results.
  19. Among the most unexpected answers was from a self-described Baltimore School for the Arts teacher.
  20. @LianaHeitin @educationweek I'm going to teach US History backwards. Start at present and engage based on student knowledge/interest.
  21. Really. Here's why:
  22. A few teachers pointed to books they're reading:
  23. And at least one Tweeter kept the PD plans pretty simple.
  24. @LianaHeitin @educationweek I'll focus more on reading fluency with small groups. This summer, I'm hibernating on the couch.
  25. Feel free to keep the conversation going on Twitter or here in the comments section below. Thanks to the many readers who responded!