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Piecing Together a Smart LMS Strategy
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Piecing Together a Smart LMS Strategy

Choosing the right learning management system is arguably one of the most important technology decisions school district leaders will make. This special report aims to give district leaders a better sense of what it takes to piece together a smart LMS strategy. It takes the reader through the buying-decision process, addresses the challenges of integrating an LMS into other software systems, outlines the complexities around professional development, and provides insights from educational technology leaders around the country who have faced these challenges.


Peek Inside a Learning Management System
An example of how an LMS function can be seen through the system developed by Schoology, a New York City-based provider whose system has over 6 million users in K-12 districts and universities worldwide.

Tech Advances Fuel LMS Identity Crisis
Big questions are facing school district leaders across the country about how a learning management system should best fit into the larger ed-tech ecosystem.

Tearing Down the Walls Between Software Silos
Technical hurdles, turf battles among vendors, and the glacial pace of technology adoption are preventing LMS software from becoming the hub of a fully integrated ed-tech ecosystem.

Pressure on LMS Companies to Provide Quality PD
Educators must grasp how learning management systems can help students, yet also acquire the skills to juggle myriad academic and managerial duties.

Making the Big LMS Buying Decision
School districts are evaluating various learning management systems more than ever before, but many underestimate the time and resources it will take to choose the right one.

Ed-Tech Leaders Outline Their LMS Needs
Five school district technology leaders talk about the lessons they have learned about how to choose and use learning management systems in smart ways.

Picking the Best LMS Delivery Model Is Tricky
Choosing the technology for LMS delivery involves carefully weighing the pros and cons of several different options, and figuring out which one fits a district’s unique needs.


Maximizing the Impact of Your Digital Device Investments
Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET. School districts are investing heavily in laptops, tablets, and netbooks as they put in place online testing programs for the Common Core State Standards. But schools may not be making the best use of these devices for day-to-day learning—what many educators believe is the key benefit of these technology investments. Our experts discuss how the devices can be used to support learning in classrooms all year long. Click here to register.

Powering Student-Focused Digital Initiatives in Cherry Creek with Schoology's LMS
Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. Cherry Creek Schools in Colorado are recognized for putting student achievement at the forefront of district digital initiatives. In this webinar, learn firsthand from the entire District Instructional Technology team how Cherry Creek Schools utilize their learning
management system Schoology as the anchor for the district's vision. 
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