October 1999

Teacher, Vol. 11, Issue 02
Education Opinion Nothing To Celebrate
The Walt Disney Co. set out to build the perfect school for the perfect town. But in the modern utopia called Celebration, things don't always turn out as planned.
Douglas Frantz & Catherine Collins, October 1, 1999
29 min read
Education Opinion Prom Poppa
A parent attends a teen beer bash and encounters "zero tolerance."
Edgar Allen Beem, October 1, 1999
3 min read
Education Opinion Letters
  • Business School
  • @#&*#&*!!
  • Rock On
  • Survival Techniques
October 1, 1999
2 min read
Education Opinion ‘Mr. McCourt, You In Trouble?’
Before he was the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt was a New York City teacher. Here, in an excerpt from his new book, 'Tis, McCourt recalls the day that his class made an unscheduled departure from the required-reading list. Includes related story
Frank McCourt, October 1, 1999
12 min read
Education Opinion Selling Safety
The sales pitch of a school-security consultant.
October 1, 1999
1 min read
Education Opinion Beating The Odds
Research has documented what common sense tells us: Apart from family and socioeconomic influences, the quality of teaching is the single most important factor in student achievement.
October 1, 1999
3 min read
Education Opinion Tiny The Tree
The chamber of commerce letter promised an Arbor Day lesson. But the kids learned something altogether different.
Anne Spencer, October 1, 1999
8 min read
Education Opinion Nothing To Celebrate: Postscript
In the summer of 1998, before the start of the Celebration School's third year, administrators met several times with disgruntled parents and promised to modify the school's progressive approach.
October 1, 1999
1 min read