February 1998

Teacher, Vol. 09, Issue 05
Curriculum Opinion Tuning In
A teacher tries to show his kids the hidden messages in sitcoms, tabloid talk shows, and pop music but finds there's no easy cure for media madness.
Gregory Michie, February 1, 1998
27 min read
Science Stargazing
Once a core part of a classical education, astronomy is now an academic orphan. But making children at home in the starry heavens can turn them on to science.
Steve Olson, February 1, 1998
13 min read
School & District Management Coming of Age
After more than 30 years, the middle school reform movement has done little to improve the education young teenagers get. But a handful of schools are trying to change that.
David Ruenzel, February 1, 1998
22 min read