October 1997

Teacher, Vol. 09, Issue 02
Education Opinion The Web & The Plow
My father grew up on an Iowa farm at a time when the field work was still done with horses. He has often told me how much he enjoyed working with the teams my grandfather owned.
Lowell Monke, October 1, 1997
20 min read
Student Well-Being Opinion She's Gotta Habit
Leaning back in her chair at a cafe near Harvard University, 18-year-old Erin Maguire pulls her fine blond hair into a ponytail, stretches her long legs, and crosses her arms over her chest.
Emily Bazelon, October 1, 1997
16 min read
Education Opinion Street Smart
In The Corner, Edward Burns and David Simon chronicle life around the Fayette Street drug market in Baltimore.
Edward Burns & David Simon, October 1, 1997
28 min read
Education Opinion My Rookie Year

A veteran teacher remembers why he got into the game.
R.w. Burniske, October 1, 1997
8 min read