January 1997

Teacher, Vol. 08, Issue 04
Education Opinion Straight Talk
Jargon is mucking up our message and jeopardizing reform.
Linda Freeman, January 1, 1997
5 min read
Education Opinion Still Smarting
This apocryphal story points out something we already intuitively know—that someone can be slow in school but think well outside it, and vice versa.
Robert J. Sternberg, January 1, 1997
8 min read
Education Opinion Growing By Leaps And Bounds
One year, I wrote a letter to my prospective 4th graders asking them to collect a box of souvenirs to help recall the events of summer. They would each report on their collection as a way of getting to know each other in September.
Steven Levy, January 1, 1997
4 min read
Education Letter to the Editor Letters

Monkey Business

Hats off to Danny Phillips for taking a stand in the Colorado debate concerning evolution and creation ["Counter Evolutionary," November/December]. As an old philosophy professor once said, the facts of man's origins will never be settled until we talk to someone who was there when life began.
January 1, 1997
18 min read
Education AVID Learners
Hoover Senior High School in San Diego is the alma mater of legendary Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams, but if he were to visit the school today he would scarcely recognize it, so changed is it from the 1930s. Then it was a launching pad for white kids taking off into the middle class; now it's a "gateway" school of great diversity, serving immigrants from all over the world: Mexicans, Ethiopians, Russians, Chinese, Filipinos. Some don't even have the English language in common.
David Ruenzel, January 1, 1997
23 min read
Education Up In Smoke
The police who swooped down on Windsor Forest High School one day last spring stirred little panic. In the 15 middle and high schools in Savannah, Georgia, drug and weapon sweeps are about as routine as field trips.
Drew Lindsay, January 1, 1997
28 min read