January 1995

Teacher, Vol. 06, Issue 04
Education Current Events
A collection of current event briefs from throughout the week.
January 1, 1995
14 min read
Education Window On The World
The tool Robertson is using to teach her class at Lincoln (Neb.) High School—known as EduPort—allows teachers to fetch on demand a wide range of educational materials not typically available at schools.
Jennifer Chauhan, January 1, 1995
8 min read
Education Teacher, Tutor, High-tech Tycoon
On the wall of Jan Davidson's surprisingly unassuming office is a photograph taken by her husband, Bob, on Christmas morning 1979. In it, Jan Davidson watches as her three children gaze in wonder at the newfangled present they have just received from their parents: an Apple II computer.
David Hill, January 1, 1995
20 min read
Education Breaking Barriers
For nearly 150 years, Lee Academy has educated the children of northern interior Maine. Located in the village of Lee, population 800, the school draws its students from more than 1,000 square miles of tiny townships, unorganized territories, villages, homesteads, and Indian reservations.
Megan Drennan, January 1, 1995
8 min read
Education Connections: Brave New World
Editor's letter for Vol. 6 Issue 4
Ronald A. Wolk, January 1, 1995
3 min read
Education Designs For Change
Strickland first tried his hand at designing schools at the request of several New York City parent groups that were looking for alternatives to school-building proposals the school board was considering. While much of that effort is now in limbo, Strickland says his work was well-received.
Debra Viadero, January 1, 1995
7 min read
Education Hard-boiled Egghead
Creating computer programs that are both “fun” and educationally sound, as opposed to those that are only divertingly entertaining, has been the institute’s raison d’être since Schank, in conjunction with Northwestern and Andersen Consulting, founded it in 1989.
David Ruenzel, January 1, 1995
26 min read
Education Intelligence Report
Both theories of intelligence, though provocative, are not universally accepted. Together, however, they have opened up broader ways for educators to think about what it means to be smart and how they can help students reach their fullest potential.
Debra Viadero, January 1, 1995
9 min read
Education An ABC Menagerie
Over the years, scholars have visited the Hughes collection, paying their respects as they glean insights into the poet’s life and work. But one segment of Hughes’ oeuvre—children’s poems and stories—has long been neglected. Many of these manuscripts were never published, seemingly forgotten.
Megan Drennan, January 1, 1995
7 min read
Education Findings
A collection of research findings from the week.
Debra Viadero, January 1, 1995
2 min read
Education Extra Credit
January 2. Library Services.
January 1, 1995
27 min read
Education Books
A collection of books that could be used as classroom resources.
David Ruenzel, January 1, 1995
4 min read
Education Fighting Back
Shortly after celebrating her 18th birthday, Cheryl Mullen went to the county courthouse primed to do her civic duty and register to vote. But when the clerk asked the young woman her party affiliation, Mullen hesitated. Democrat or Republican? She may as well have flipped a coin for all she knew.
Karen Diegmueller, January 1, 1995
27 min read
Education Opinion Getting High With Huck Finn
During the week in October that schools devote to drug and alcohol awareness many schoolteachers pin the “Just Say No to Drugs” ribbons on. The bright ribbons assert that they are drug-free, but they aren’t. I, too, have felt like a hypocrite as I warned my students about the ill effects.
Rodney D. Smith, January 1, 1995
3 min read
Education Opinion Cultural Revolution
When I started out as a French teacher in the late 1960s, my department head gave me three commands: “Never talk to a student before class. Be sure the books have covers. Look for gum.” I was assigned introductory courses of lower-level students.
Paula Evans, January 1, 1995
8 min read
Education Letter to the Editor Letters
Letters to the editor
January 1, 1995
17 min read
Education Opinion Hooked On Teaching
Through the eyes of this 6th grader, the world of kindergartners was magical.
Patti Greenberg Wollman, January 1, 1995
4 min read