September 5, 2007

Education Week, Vol. 27, Issue 02
Education Letter to the Editor National-Board Growth: A Boon, Not a Challenge
We at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards appreciate the thoughtful attention Education Week has given our organization. But we must respond to your most recent article, "The National Board: Challenged by Success?"
September 4, 2007
2 min read
Education Funding California Budget Battle Presages Education Debate
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that fiscal 2009 will be “the year of education reform.”
Linda Jacobson, September 4, 2007
4 min read
School & District Management Humble Origins, Influential Posts Shape Views of New Gates Chief
Vicki L. Phillips is often described as a decisive leader with a deep understanding of education and the political savvy to advance an agenda.
September 4, 2007
7 min read
School Climate & Safety D.C. Schools Get Blitz of Repairs for New Year
The city spent $80 million on a wide range of repairs at 70 and plans to spend another $120 million in the coming months on tougher jobs at others.
Catherine Gewertz, September 4, 2007
1 min read
Student Well-Being Children’s Health Coverage Seen at Risk
As lawmakers push to expand a children’s health-insurance program partially financed by the federal government, the Bush administration’s new guidelines restrict enrollment.
Christina A. Samuels, September 4, 2007
5 min read
School Climate & Safety Online Databases of Misdeeds by Teachers Raising Concerns
Florida became the latest state to create a database where the public can check out which teachers have been disciplined on charges such as drug possession and sexual abuse.
Vaishali Honawar, September 4, 2007
3 min read
Education Funding Seeking Back Fees, Schools Now Hiring Collection Agencies
Parents in Mentor, Ohio, should think twice before “losing” that back-to-school letter asking them to pay for workbooks and gym uniforms.
Katie Ash, September 4, 2007
1 min read
Education Letter to the Editor Drawing Distinctions in ‘Teaching to the Test’
If students are to be successful on any test, we had better teach to the test.
September 4, 2007
1 min read
Education Letter to the Editor Setting the Record Straight on Teach For America
In light of Joel Colbert's letter to the editor in your Aug. 1, 2007, issue, I would like to communicate the facts about Teach For America.
September 4, 2007
1 min read
Teaching Commentary Growing an Achievement Gap
Gerald W. Bracey writes about the educational disparities between schools that have decent scores on standardized tests and those that don't.
Gerald W. Bracey, September 4, 2007
3 min read
Reading & Literacy Commentary Are Our Graduates College-Writing Ready?
Steven Horwitz offers ideas about what high schools could do to help.
Steven Horwitz, September 4, 2007
3 min read
School & District Management Federal File Will Spellings Labor for the Duration?
President Bush has only a few of his close Texas-connected aides, including Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, left.
Mark Walsh, September 4, 2007
1 min read
School Choice & Charters Commentary Waiting for the ‘Tipping Point’
Why has the school choice movement been so slow to spread?, Paul T. Hill asks.
Paul T. Hill, September 4, 2007
6 min read
Federal Commentary No Child Left Behind: What Would Al Say?
The federal law deviates substantially from Albert Shanker's original vision for standards-based reform, writes Richard D. Kahlenberg.
Richard D. Kahlenberg, September 4, 2007
6 min read
Law & Courts Mideast-Themed Schools Raise Curricular, Church-State Issues
Two charter schools declare that their intentions are mainstream—and completely legal—and that they will be under the supervision of their local school districts.
Andrew Trotter, August 31, 2007
8 min read
Federal Draft Bill: Changes to AYP
The House Education and Labor Committee’s “discussion draft” bill for reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act would make a number of changes in the way adequate yearly progress is calculated.
August 31, 2007
2 min read
Federal Draft Bill Heats Up NCLB-Renewal Debate
The draft outlines key House members’ plans to change the accountability system by measuring students’ academic growth and adding other indicators to those in reading and mathematics.
David J. Hoff, August 31, 2007
5 min read
Federal Host of Lawmakers Offer Bills to Revise NCLB
Members of Congress have introduced more than 100 bills to amend the law.
Alyson Klein, August 30, 2007
6 min read