Important Notice to Our Print Subscribers Regarding Possible Mail Fraud

Education Week has been alerted that some subscribers have received subscription-renewal notices from a company identified as Publishers Billing Center or Publishers Services Exchange. Education Week has not authorized this company or any other company to solicit renewals on our behalf. If you receive a notice from this company—or any company other than Education Week—to renew a subscription, please DO NOT RESPOND OR SEND PAYMENT. If you have already submitted payment to this organization, you should pursue cancellation/credit through your credit-card company or bank. Please contact Education Week with any information you may have received from this company, or any other company you suspect is not an authorized agent of Education Week, at [email protected]. Provide as much detail about the mailing as you can, and a scan of the document, including the outside envelope, if possible. You may also wish to report this to the United States Postal Inspection Service mail-fraud unit. Thank you for your help.