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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Weekly Newsletters

Edweek Update

Find out what's new in Education Week and on The update includes top stories from the latest issue of Education Week plus online only stories, news, chat transcripts, and reports.
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Teacher Update

Find out what's new in Teacher Magazine and on In addition to Teacher Magazine stories, the update includes the week's top news for teachers and the latest online chats, TalkBacks, and blog entries from
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Accountability Alert

This monthly e-newsletter includes the latest news, reports, chat transcripts, and special events related to student and school accountability issues.
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NCLB Alert

This e-newsletter offers a monthly roundup of the most recent news and reports from Education Week on the No Child Left Behind Act. NCLB Alert also includes a roundup of daily news stories from the national press, as well as a collection of calendar information on the latest events related to NCLB.
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Curriculum Matters

This monthly e-newsletter provides the most recent curriculum-related stories and content from both Education Week and Teacher Magazine to keep you informed of important developments in K-12 curriculum issues.
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Digital Directions

This monthly e-newsletter provides updates on news developments, trends, and practical advice in the world of educational technology.
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Webinar: Diplomas Count 2008

An archive of the June 24 live interactive presentation and discussion of the key findings from this year’s annual Diplomas Count report will be available shortly.

More information on the issue is found below.

As the nation struggles to close its graduation gap, Diplomas Count 2008 examines states' efforts to forge stronger connections between precollegiate and postsecondary education.

Diplomas Count 2008

This year’s installment of Education Week’s annual report features a comprehensive analysis of public high school graduation rates for the nation, the states, and every school district in the country. For the first time, this influential report breaks down graduation rates for each U.S. congressional district.

Diplomas Count also explores the rapid growth of state-level P-16 councils. By bringing together key representatives from all levels of education, state government, business, and the community, the councils seek to better align educational institutions from preschool through postsecondary. High on the agenda for many of these panels are efforts to create a more seamless schooling continuum that prepares high school students for life, work, and further education.

Registered participants will be able to submit questions in real time during the Webinar.

Christopher B. Swanson, Director,Editorial Projects in Education Research Center

Sterling C. Lloyd, Senior Research Associate, Editorial Projects in Education Research Center

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