Quality Counts 2014: District Disruption & Revival - School Systems Reshape to Compete and ImproveExemplarsNISL

January 09, 2014

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Vol. 33, Issue 16
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Buffeted by social and fiscal forces, local educators seek new ways to approach governance.
Local administrators grapple with a host of fiscal and educational pressures demanding a break from business as usual.
District Snapshots:
A data analysis from the Education Week Research Center delves into the complex "district" environment and school administrators' perspectives on district governance and operations.
A variety of approaches to running and improving the school system illustrate challenges facing local control.
School systems wrestle with how to best deploy their resources and staff as funding comes inching back.
The rise of charter schools can present oversight challenges and put pressure on funding for local school systems.
School choice options such as vouchers and tax-credit scholarships can complicate per-fiscal planning for local officials.
The rise of cyber charter schools is prodding many school districts to ramp up their own virtual-education offerings.
The once-tense relationship between public school districts and home schoolers is giving way to something more cordial, if complex.
Some school districts complain of intrusion from activist governors and state lawmakers.

An activist U.S. Department of Education can prove a complicated partner for school systems that receive money with plenty of strings attached.
New challenges and changing demographics pose opportunities for schools and leaders to grow, writes Salt Lake City Superintendent McKell Withers.
Quality Counts rates states and the nation on key student-performance and finance indicators.
Includes tables with updated scores and letter grades on:
This interactive map offers a quick way to examine state-by-state grades and summary data.
Your turn. Manipulate grades for states based on weighting schemes of your choice.
Looking for detailed state data? The State Highlights Reports assemble findings on each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and compare individual state data to national data.