June 5, 2013

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Rising expenses and falling enrollment have hit St. Louis' retirement system. The district's problem resonates nationally as states struggle to deal with about $325 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.
The plan would make Camden the fourth system under state control since the controversial strategy was first used nearly 25 years ago.
A veteran teacher finds it tough going to lead her students toward mastery of the common standards in English/language arts.
Even the best-laid plans for storm shelters and tornado drills may be no match for powerful storms like those seen in the Sooner State over the past few weeks.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Researchers at a national conference discuss how asking students for explanations can deepen their understanding.
The profession's standard reference guide, DSM-5, changes definitions for some disabilities commonly seen in schools.
A new museum in New York City, along with math exhibits in other museums, are designed to infuse fun into learning.
Chicago's closing battles echo those in a growing number of urban districts where financial pressures are colliding with the needs of poor and minority communities.
Many affected by the shutdowns vow to harness momentum from the battle and keep pressure on the school system.
Better technology and high-profile school violence are driving renewed interest, but the trend also draws criticism.
Philadelphia will soon join a number of other big-city school districts that have founded virtual schools as a way to expand school choices for parents and lure students back to their school systems.
Recipients of federal innovation grants are largely living up to the What Works Clearinghouse research standards.
Best of the Blogs
In the District of Columbia, instructional coaches like Sarah Hawley are learning the common-core standards along with the teachers.
An assistant principal often feels frustrated that she can't help teachers enough as they infuse the common core into instruction.
State lawmakers continue grappling with major changes to their teacher-retirement systems.
Gov. Jerry Brown is looking to remake the state’s school funding system, against a June 15 state budget deadline.
Policy Brief
Five groups representing state and district school leaders call for flexibility in implementing the common standards.
Postponing high stakes for the common-core assessments would delay important progress, writes Alice Johnson Cain of Teach Plus.
Schools need to change their grading to truly reflect students' comprehension of subjects, Ryan McLane writes.
Classroom teacher Jacob Tanenbaum writes that his school's resources are being drained for testing.
Paul Reville writes that it's time for a learning system that isn't about mass-produced education, but instead one that speaks to the needs of the individual child.
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