May 22, 2013

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The District of Columbia has devoted many resources to the standards, resulting in hopes, frustrations, and the knowledge that changes are necessary.
Proposed mandates for emergency-preparedness drills are gaining traction in many statehouses.
Even though only one state has adopted the standards, some teachers have already scrapped old lessons and instructional styles to embrace new ones.
Microsoft's plans to end support for Windows XP could pose big technological and financial challenges for districts nationwide.
News in Brief
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Efforts to create a new school district and reshuffle students in East Baton Rouge Parish are causing a stir in Louisiana.
Researchers now have biological evidence that adolescents really do want to jump off a bridge if their friends are doing it.
Preschool English-learners benefit from exposure to both English and their home language, say researchers.
Now Brian Pick has the challenge of ensuring students, many of them disadvantaged, master the common core.
When Dowan McNair-Lee took an education class at college, she knew that was where she belonged.
Mikel Robinson is among millions of students trying to meet the common standards.
Best of the Blogs
Twenty-three states exempt individual teacher-evaluation ratings from disclosure under open-records laws.
This special report, part of Education Week’s ongoing series on virtual education, examines examines how technological trends are changing teaching and learning.
The blueprint for the standards writers, the framework provides a reader-friendly accompaniment to the "technical document."
Two groups of states are crafting unique assessments for students with severe cognitive disabilities.
Policy Brief
Candidates sketch competing education policy visions in New Jersey and Virginia, the two states picking governors in 2013.
Shifting to statewide school funding systems would address inequities in the way education is paid for, writes Cynthia G. Brown.
School environments should fulfill a student's need to feel engaged intellectually and emotionally in the learning process, Jim Childress writes.
The unsuccessful drive to teach the metric system in schools presents a cautionary tale about teacher buy-in for common-core advocates, writes Jeanne Zaino.
The content of instruction should be a communal, research-based, and experience-based decision, writes Lisa Hansel.
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