January 23, 2013

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Vol. 32, Issue 18
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As President Obama unveils an anti-violence plan, districts are taking dramatic steps—and even arming staff—to boost safety.
An Education Week review of state data suggests the number of teachers at the elementary level outstrips available jobs.
Studies find student achievement doesn't suffer even when teachers take advantage of early-retirement incentives.
Fed up with state school improvement efforts, eight California districts have banded together to bring about change.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Educators in charter schools are making changes to meet new professional development, curriculum, and technology needs.
Student-discipline policies and practices in Mississippi are sending thousands of students into the juvenile-court system for school-based infractions, a new report finds.
The popularity of e-books, however, is growing, according to a Scholastic survey of 6- to 17-year-olds.
Teachers around the country are using digital games such as World of Warcraft and Angry Birds to teach academic concepts.
Best of the Blogs
The president's multi-pronged plan to avert gun violence is a mix of executive actions and proposals needing congressional assent.
Policy Brief
Court battles continue to put pressure on policymakers at the state level, even in the wake of settled cases.
As dwindling state funding for new textbook purchases drives the search for alternative sources of information, schools in Kentucky are making do with the books they have.
State of the States
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin's proposals include expanded investments in early-education and dual enrollment.
After digging into international test data, Martin Carnoy and Richard Rothstein argue that the scores mask an important reality.
By elevating so-called noncognitive information to an equal position relative to content knowledge, we may find the missing link needed to close the achievement gap more rapidly and effectively, writes David T. Conley.
Why can't children in public schools have the same rich learning experiences that President Obama's daughters receive, Alan C. Jones asks.
An 1899 book by William James combines still-useful pragmatic and philosophical insights for teachers, Peter Gibbon says.
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