April 25, 2012

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In many waivers to the main K-12 education law, states propose testing students in science, social studies, and writing, too.
Many educators have inferred that the common core bans the practice of providing students with context and content before they read text.
A new Brookings report illuminates some stark test-score differences between public schools in low-income neighborhoods and those in pricier, more-exclusive enclaves.
The American Legislative Exchange Council—known as ALEC—has helped shape debate on issues such as vouchers and "parent trigger" laws in statehouses nationwide.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Attention is growing on ways to smooth the transition from the correctional facility to the classroom for student ex-offenders.
An alternative school in Oregon offers students who struggled in a regular setting an unusual curriculum.
Researchers say middle school algebra classes may do more harm than good for students already struggling with math.
Researchers say value-added measures don't shed much light on what the most- and least-effective teachers do differently.
But researchers raise concerns about drawing overly broad conclusions about the effectiveness of the software.
But they face intense competition for initial financial backing and pressures to design business models that will make them sustainable.
Best of the Blogs
The mayor and the teachers’ union have agreed on a plan that calls for taking over struggling schools and revamping salary scales.

This special report maps out the landscape of academic content and instruction in the common-core era.
Policy Brief
NCLB flexibility requires fresh attention to low-performing schools, but not all can expect get extra federal aid.
Changes would be aimed at ensuring the program better prepares students to join the labor force.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has opened the first phase of a Head Start competition that will require some large urban agencies and other longtime providers to vie for funding for the first time.
Who weighed in on the common core in the past 12 months and what did they have to say? The Commentary editors take a look back.
With a draft of the science standards due out soon, Deanna Kuhn suggests how to make the subject more engaging to students.
Applied to the right issues, federal dictates can make their mark in schools, Chester E. Finn Jr. writes.
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