February 1, 2012

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Vol. 31, Issue 19
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An analysis finds average scores of candidates on state licensing exams are uniformly higher than the passing scores states set.
A cadre of current and former state school officers is pushing a basket of hard-edged policies before Congress, statehouses, and the U.S. Department of Education.
Industry observers attribute the rise to heightened interest in ed-tech initiatives, decreasing technology costs, and the move to Common Core standards.
California, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma are working on ways to promote, and measure, creativity and innovation in their schools.
News in Brief
News in Brief
Report Roundup
The U.S. Department of Education warns schools to think more broadly about who gets special services under federal disability laws.
The poor economy is reshaping superintendents' work lives, causing some to share jobs, do double duty, or work part time.
Best of the Blogs
The flurry of transactions in the education industry is driven largely by deals in the educational technology sector.
The USDA's new school meals rules call for more fruits and vegetables, less salt and fat, and more whole grains.
Policy Brief
President Barack Obama takes aim at an issue that resonates with a constituency likely to be important to his re-election campaign: college students struggling to pay off their student loans.
This special report examines e-learning around the globe and the virtual education partnerships emerging between schools in the United States and those outside its borders.

Two influential Democrats worry that some waiver applications may water down accountability.
The state schools chief has assigned an expert team to boost the achievement of the state's 1 million English-language learners.
State of the States
The professional development needed to support teachers' part in the common-core standards has remained an afterthought, Stephanie Hirsh writes.
Partisanship has a place in the No Child Left Behind reauthorization debate, says Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower.
Trying to look perfect on a college application is not the ticket to admission, writes Angel B. Pérez.
The use of practical applications in the science classroom, like model-building and data analysis, can help students make critical STEM connections, write Jean Moon and Susan Rundell Singer.
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