November 16, 2011

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The vote sends the state's GOP a clear message that it went too far in reining in the rights of teachers and other public employees.
Arizona State requires yearlong student-teaching for all undergraduate education majors, who must prove mastery of teaching skills.
States are excluding fewer ELLs and special education students from NAEP tests—but they still fall short of federal targets
Sponsors of the GED view its revision as a step toward postsecondary training rather than the end of a student's formal education.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
While school board races tend to be sleepy affairs, a handful of elections around the country drew high voter turnout and—in some cases—plenty of campaign cash.
The state now joins Alabama, Florida, and Michigan as the only states requiring some form of online learning for graduation.
A new supplemental poverty measure finds fewer children, more senior citizens, qualify as poor.
Best of the Blogs
At the forefront of collecting and sharing student data, Kentucky has seen big improvements in college-going and remediation rates.
The Education Department grant went to just one consortia, bypassing a bid from a California-led group of states.
This special report examines the attempts by a small but growing number of districts and unions to work together to enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers.

Policy Brief
Long-awaited federal regulations will require Head Start early-education centers to meet new quality benchmarks every five years.
The Education Department has selected 23 finalists in line for a slice of $150 million in federal i3-contest innovation dollars, but each must secure a private match to receive the award.
Prospects still appear cloudy for a bipartisan measure anytime soon to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
Denver's recent local school board election had national implications, and it also asked voters to consider the definition of education reform, writes Kayla McGannon.
Houston's interim staff-review process has put an immediate focus on effective teaching, Terry Grier writes.
Best-practice standards for all of higher education, including for-profit colleges, are essential, says Jonathan Fanton.
Philanthropies play a valuable and innovative role in schools, particularly in tight budget times, Heather Zavadsky writes.
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