November 9, 2011

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Vol. 31, Issue 11
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School budget cuts imposed by governors and state lawmakers in the past year loom as an electoral issue in 2012.
States looking for relief from elements of NCLB must show they worked with stakeholders in the planning process.
A national study of middle school students in 40 charter networks finds that, when it comes to having an impact on student achievement, results vary and, overall, charter students don’t learn dramatically more than their counterparts in regular public schools.
A national survey finds that, when it comes to sexual harassment in school, many students don't know where to draw the line.
News in Brief
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News in Brief
Despite some gains in math and 8th grade reading, only about one-third of students have reached the "proficient" level on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.
A new study finds growing numbers of states using data to identify students at risk of dropping out but researchers say these early warning systems ought to reach students in even earlier grades.
The new $250,000 prize will single out charter networks with a track record of academic success.
Biometric technology is being used in school cafeterias in an effort to improve the speed and accuracy of the breakfast and lunch lines.
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News in Brief
Federal policymakers seek to balance the need to help students gain access to college and the pressure to rein in spending and cut the deficit.
The Justice Department wants districts to show the state's new immigration law isn't hindering students' access to an education.
Policy Brief
Video games could be key to untapping 'digital promise' in schools, Michael Levine and Alan Gershenfeld write.
Let schools with the will to do so attempt bold change even as others improve incrementally, Ted Kolderie writes.
It may be easy to dismiss the ideas of young education entrepreneurs, but they could transform the K-12 landscape, Phoenix M. Wang writes.
Stifled by state and federal education policies, districts face a tough road to becoming 21st-century leaders, writes Ken Kay.
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