February 9, 2011

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Vol. 30, Issue 20
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Student achievement gets more attention, a nationwide survey finds, while charters, performance pay, and other hot topics struggle to gain traction.
A new report proposes academic pathways that would lead some students toward careers rather than college, and that is raising fears among advocates for the disadvantaged.
GOP leaders in Idaho, Indiana, and Tennessee are proposing bills that would limit what, if anything, teachers' unions could negotiate.
Nearly $100 billion in aid saved jobs and spurred state policy overhauls, but the long-term impact remains to be seen as the recovery act reaches its second anniversary.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
The opening of the Innovate Manhattan Charter School gives Sweden's largest for-profit schools network a U.S. toehold.
An analysis of more than 200 studies finds that classroom programs that focus on social and emotional skills can yield learning improvements that rival those of purely academic programs.
School officials say a lack of technological infrastructure could put some students at a disadvantage under proposed education reforms that would require students to take online classes to graduate.
Math for America aims to improve secondary mathematics education by recruiting, training, and retaining outstanding math teachers.
Best of the Blogs
Government agencies dig into how states and districts are spending a flood of education aid under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
A one-time infusion of cash fueled everything from laptops to enhanced data systems—but sustaining those upgrades could be tough.
The influx of stimulus aid to education is a boon for seasoned advisers in areas such as school turnarounds and Race to the Top.
A two-year shortfall of up to $27 billion force districts to slash programs and thousands of jobs, educators warn.
The federal government is bracing for another round of requests from states on maintenance of effort requirements.
Policy Brief
State of the States
At a moment when President Obama is calling for congressional consensus for education reform, Amy Stuart Wells writes that this is the last thing we need right now.
The Obama administration's new online education dashboard highlights the wrong data, and too much of it—giving the public a less than-succinct summary of school and student performance, Ze'ev Wurman and Williamson M. Evers write.
Rather than pitting white student achievement against minority student achievement, schools should focus on helping all children reach their potential, writes Chris Myers Asch.
Floyd D. Beachum argues that hip-hop allows teachers to build relationships in the classroom and to further student learning, if educators know how to negotiate the tough messages.
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