September 15, 2010

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Experts say the decline may be driving overall decreases in numbers of special education students.
Federal innovation grant winners met the challenge through donations of cash, equipment and services, and by rechanneling previous grant funds.
Scholars worry that two high-profile controversies over sharing data on teachers could make it harder to do research on schools.
With the $330 million in hand, the two consortia head into the next phase of building multipurpose assessments—and consensus.
News in Brief
News in Brief
Report Roundup
The winning states proposed in their applications a variety of ways to improve science, technology, engineering, and math in schools.
With 60 percent of their students needing remedial classes, the colleges are experimenting with new support structures and better assessments in high school and college.
The ruling comes as a hearing opens in a closely watched legal battle over the state's ELL programs.
The International Association for K-12 Online Learning outlines the 19 finalists' plans to use online learning to achieve federal Race to the Top goals.
Best of the Blogs
Texas saw its $830 million request rejected by the Department of Education, and charter school advocates are dismayed that some may have trouble tapping the $10 billion layoff-prevention fund.
The state's governor and lawmakers still hope to move forward on priorities outlined in the state's losing bid for $400 million in federal aid.
Policy Brief
Head of Kentucky’s Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, he was long a force in national education policy.
In some states, key reforms hinge on the effectiveness of data systems that may be in need of significant upgrade.
Because the program has become a de facto measuring stick for child poverty, its numbers must be sound, investigative reporter David N. Bass argues.
From her extensive research on Japan's "public research lessons," Catherine C. Lewis proposes a way to ensure the success of common-core standards.
Schools could learn a lot from the simple act of taking roll, writes researcher Hedy Chang, but most don't ask the right questions.
Overhauling school finance systems offers a way to cut budgets without losing sight of student learning, Jacob E. Adams Jr. writes.
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