October 8, 2008

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Making brain research on such topics as executive function digestible to educators in the field is a central goal of a cross-disciplinary project underway in Baltimore.
Education issues are poised to break through the din of presidential politics and economic anxiety in more than a dozen states next month, as voters confront ballot questions and constitutional amendments involving K-12 policy and school finance.
A team of visitors descends on a school, armed with video cameras, tape recorders, and piles of interview questions, to find out what the school did to succeed and then posts the case studies on a Web portal.
Just as the candidates have learned to use novel technology tools to reach young people during this year’s presidential campaign, teachers are turning to electronic resources to capture students’ interest in the election.
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Report Roundup
Report Roundup
James G. Cibulka wants to drive institutions to establish programs and practices aimed at increasing precollegiate student achievement, closing the achievement gap, recruiting a highly qualified and diverse teacher workforce, and strengthening induction and other teacher-retention strategies.
Has digital overload made today’s generation of students stupid or smart? Two experts debate this question in their respective new books.
An operator of schools in South Los Angeles is targeting the area for expansion in a bid to revitalize the long-troubled neighborhood.
Private Schools
New studies reach different conclusions on the effectiveness of a program, called Tools of the Mind, at preparing children for school.
State officials ask to have rulings set aside in landmark Abbott v. Burke case; foes say that new funding formula would shortchange poor urban districts.
Gov. Tim Pawlenty's school improvement plan would require that all districts to tie annual teacher pay increases to student performance, and mandate for tighter admission standards for teacher education programs.
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McCain and Obama both want to boost teacher training in the subjects, but budget realities may intervene.
The vice-presidential candidates insert education into their debate, third-party candidates outline their education proposals, and a major campaign comes to a close.
The U.S. Supreme Court on Oct. 6 opens a new term that will include several cases of interest to educators.
The measure to ease the credit-market crisis addresses funding for rural schools with national parks as well as tax credits for school construction and for teachers’ out-of-pocket classroom purchases.
With backing from foundations and a mayor who champions choice, Newark, N.J., may emerge as a model for other cities seeking to strengthen and expand their charter school sectors.
"The current economic crisis and its relationship to the way in which the American economy has adjusted to the 'flat world' provide an opportune context to rethink the purposes of our schools," says Fernando M. Reimers.
"Assessments are worthwhile, but we don’t hear many stories of their inspiring students to like school. Exploring and discovering are what inspires," says David Polochanin.
"A high-quality character education program produces young people who are both humane and smart," says Sanford N. McDonnell.
Schools are failing children—particularly when it comes to math and science, says Jo Boaler.
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