January 10, 2008

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Quality Counts 2008 Video Coverage
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A Discussion About the Teaching Profession
Two of the report's contributors took questions on what a human-capital system in education might look like so that states can unlock teaching potential and enhance student learning.

Tapping Into Teaching
The report's editors discussed ideas for strengthening the teaching profession, as well as other findings of this years Quality Counts report.

Media Coverage of Quality Counts 2008

A selection of coverage on the report from news outlets around the country.

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Vol. 27, Issue 18
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The State Highlights Reports assemble important findings in an accessible format that allows readers to examine a particular state’s performance on this year’s indicators.
Download a State's Full Report:
This interactive map offers a quick way to examine State-by-State grades and summary data.
A “Grading Calculator” that lets readers calculate grades for states based on weighting schemes that they devise themselves.
Provides comprehensive data for individual states and ways to compare multiple states' data in all categories.
Executive Summary
Quality Counts 2008 reintroduces state grades in six key areas, from the Chance-for-Success Index to the teaching profession.
Although student achievement is linked to good teachers, there is no system for attracting, training, and supporting the best people for the job.
A 50-state examination of teacher salaries relative to comparable occupations.
The ways of understanding teacher quality are changing as information systems allow states and districts to track educators and their students over time.
States may be able to play a strong role in rethinking teacher compensation systems, including basing rewards, in part, on student gains.
Even among the small number of states with pay-for-performance programs, the particulars vary widely.
Working Conditions
When it comes to retaining teachers, studies suggest that the circumstances of their jobs may matter even more than their salaries.
State of the States
This year’s report expands the set of indicators used in past years and reintroduces state grades.
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