March 21, 2007

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Vol. 26, Issue 28
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State, district leaders debate when to grant autonomy.
Researchers want to find out whether the prospect of bonuses affects teachers' behavior, and whether student achievement improves as a result.
The state's school finance and governance system needs a major overhaul, a massive research project concludes.
A recent wave of violence against teachers has prompted new policies on student offenders.
Nearly 5,000 teachers did not report to work to protest a lower-than-expected raise.
District Dossier
People in the News
News in Brief: A National Roundup
The war prevented a Washington-based firm from completing some tasks, according to a recent audit.
Law Update
An increasing number of U.S. high school students are taking courses designed to expand their international knowledge.
A National Association of Student Councils project aims to train educators and students to improve their schools.
Report Roundup
The state last week sued Vantage Learning after the vendor shut down access to assessments on the Web.
Eliminating the program would cut out "wastefulness and giveaways," according to Gov. Ted Strickland.
State Journal
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Programs in 16 states made policy changes that allowed them to reach more early-education benchmarks.
Members of the appropriations subcommittees express concerns about the department’s efforts in implementing the federal school law.
The two national teachers’ unions want a radical overhaul of the federal law’s accountability measures.
Federal File
Officials would be able to override collective bargaining contracts while staffing their most troubled schools.
The bill aims to expand eligibility for the program, bolster accountability for grantees, and boost teacher qualifications.
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
A rigorous Navajo-immersion program draws on both tradition and modern accountability tools to improve student achievement.
U.S. curriculum may be promoting mental labor rather than intellectual thinking, argues Nel Noddings.
Brain research, diversity, and issues of church and state are some of the topics covered in this month's book reviews.
To help disadvantaged youths, our investment in children needs to start early and continue into the teenage years, argues James J. Heckman.

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