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The daily EdWeek Update is Education Week’s flagship e-newsletter and features breaking news, analysis, and insights from leaders in the field, as well as notices about upcoming events, job listings, and more.

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Education Week Teacher

Education Week Teacher provides news, information, and resources for leaders in the teaching profession.


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Education Week offers a wide selection of news blogs, on topics ranging from curriculum and the teaching profession to politics and policy at all levels of government. Follow Politics K-12, Teacher Beat, Curriculum Matters, State EdWatch, and more.
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With over two dozen opinion blogs, Education Week and Education Week Teacher have gathered some of the most prominent voices in education together to discuss issues in the field. Follow Bridging Differences, Living in Dialogue, and more.
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The Education Week Digital Directions site provides daily news, resources, and information on the growth and impact of technology in districts across the nation.

TOP SCHOOL JOBS, Education Week’s career community, is the premier career resource in education, and enables professionals across education fields to advance their careers.


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The AP education news service keeps you up to date with daily education news as it happens. Updated throughtout the day, read stories as they come off the wires.
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The McClatchy-Tribune news service keeps you up to date with daily education news from major news organizations across the country.
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