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Quality Counts 2015: State Highlights Reports

The Quality Counts 2015 Highlights Reports capture all of the data you need to assess your state's performance in key areas. The information is presented in a series of charts and graphs, and includes comparisons to national averages. You won't want to miss your state's data, so download your copy now:

Highlights Reports
National Summary Report
State Reports

State Highlights Reports are available for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia and compare individual state data to national data. The National Highlights Report includes the national average and data for the top and bottom states.

Your report includes:

State Summative Grades

Chance for Success Index (2015)

K-12 Achievement (2014)

School Finance (2015)

Special for Quality Counts 2015

Early Education Index state grades (2015)

• Preschool and kindergarten enrollment rates

• Preschool enrollment rate gains

• Preschool poverty gap and poverty gap changes

• Full-day preschool and kindergarten enrollment rates

• Head Start participation

National data on early education enrollment by

• Age

• Family income

• Ethnicity/race

• Public versus private programs

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About These Reports

The 19th annual edition of Quality Counts resumes Education Week’s long-standing tradition of grading the states on their performance. This year, those grades return in a newer, leaner form that focuses on outcomes rather than on policy and processes. A state’s overall grade is the average of its scores on the three separate indices tracked by the report. These legacy indices are Chance-for-Success (updated in 2015); K12 Achievement (updated in 2014); and school finance (updated in 2015). State Highlights Reports contain each jurisdiction’s data on the summative grades, the three indices and the nearly 40 indicators that comprise Quality Counts’ overall grading rubric.

This year's report also focuses on early-childhood education as its special theme, examining how new academic demands and accountability pressures are altering the learning environment for young children and the educators serving them. For this year’s report, the Education Week Research Center issued state and national grades for a new Early Education Index, which draws on an original analysis of participation in early-education programs, poverty-based gaps in enrollment, and trends over time.

Overall findings from Quality Counts show that some states perform consistently well or poorly across the full range of graded categories. However, a closer examination of the results reveals that most states post a strong showing in at least one area. This suggests that while broad evaluations of state rankings and performance can be useful, a deeper reading of the results presented in this State Highlights Report will provide a more nuanced perspective on the educational condition of the nation and the states.

Source: Education Week Research Center
January 2015

Vol. 34, Issue 16