The Vermont legislature is expected to consider a new initiative--promoted by Gov. Richard A. Snelling last year during his bid for re-election--that would expand early-childhood-education programs in the state to include children aged 3 to 8.
February 23, 1983 – Education Week
The Vermont Department of Education has drafted a policy paper outlining major revisions in the administration of local vocational-education programs.
December 1, 1982 – Education Week
Montpelier, Vt--The state legislature in Vermont, a state whose schools have traditionally been among the most reliant in the nation on local property taxes, appears ready to enact a bill that would boost state aid to schools by 50 percent.
March 10, 1982 – Education Week
By 1983, students in Vermont will not only have to master basic reading, writing, listening, speaking, and computation skills before they may graduate from high school, but they also will have to demonstrate proficiency in "reasoning."
January 26, 1982 – Education Week

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