Five boys who were molested by a teacher at a private school in Oklahoma will receive an undisclosed amount of money through the settlement of a lawsuit that the boys’ parents filed against the school.
November 3, 2004 – Education Week
Oklahoma's five-year effort to make prekindergarten available to all 4-year-olds in the state is paying off, especially for Hispanic and African-American children, a new evaluation shows.
October 29, 2003 – Education Week
Nashala Hearn, a 6th grader who attends the 400-student Benjamin Franklin Science Academy in Muskogee, Okla., was suspended for a total of eight days this month for violating the district's dress code. The girl's parents said she wore the veil for religious reasons, and they have threatened to sue the district.
October 22, 2003 – Education Week
After training thousands of teachers over the past five years in a massive effort to raise reading achievement, Oklahoma officials are worried that the exercise may have been for naught.
February 19, 2003 – Education Week
Oklahoma could greatly improve its efforts to create a strong K-12 education system by devising a more rigorous system of standards and assessments that holds all schools accountable for results, according to an independent evaluation.
September 11, 2002 – Education Week
As the 1999 legislative sessions wind down, two more states have joined the charter school fold.
June 23, 1999 – Education Week
The House education committee of the Oklahoma legislature once again has swatted down Gov. Frank Keating's "4 x 4" plan for increasing the rigor of earning a high school diploma.
March 31, 1999 – Education Week

The gavel slammed last week on the last of 99 parcels of land being auctioned by the Oklahoma School Land Commission over the past two weeks. Crowds attended auctions at 16 county courthouses to hear the auctioneer's spiel and bid on a total of 14,769 acres, mostly pasture.

October 16, 1996 – Education Week
July 10, 1996 – Education Week
May 22, 1996 – Education Week

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