An audit of three Oklahoma school districts has found that 98 percent of the children the districts counted as participants in the federal migrant education program during the 2003-04 school year didn’t meet eligibility requirements.
April 12, 2006 – Education Week
In his State of the State Address, given Feb. 6, Gov. Brad Henry praised the legislature for passing his Achieving Classroom Excellence, or ACE, initiative last session. The student-achievement and -accountability measure was the focus of his 2005 address.
February 15, 2006 – Education Week
Most of the new spending is earmarked for teacher-pay raises and state financing of teachers’ health insurance, both of which were approved by the legislature in 2004 but never funded. In all, more than $57 million will be spent on raises for teachers, and nearly $43 million in first-time state payments for teachers’ health insurance. The pay increases are the first step in a plan to raise the average annual salary from its present level, $35,061, to the regional average, $38,993, over the next four years.
August 31, 2005 – Education Week
Experts warned Southern education leaders meeting here that falling graduation rates may threaten the region’s progress in improving students’ test scores, access to preschool, and other advances in recent years in the poorest region of the United States.
June 29, 2005 | Updated: June 28, 2018 – Education Week (Web)
It has been less than six months since the nation’s governors gathered for a summit on high schools, and already at least half a dozen states have enacted policies that require students to complete tougher academic programs to earn a diploma.
June 22, 2005 – Education Week
In a demographic shift that is ahead of the state as a whole, but representative of many small towns in the region, Hispanics make up nearly 27 percent of the enrollment in the 800-student Hennessey school district, up from 18.2 percent in the 2000-01 school year. The district is one of four in Oklahoma to launch a two-way language-immersion program.
May 4, 2005 – Education Week
The Oklahoma legislature failed to meet Gov. Brad Henry’s April 1 deadline to approve funding for the state’s public schools.
April 13, 2005 – Education Week
State of the States: Education highlights from latest governor's address before the legislature.
February 16, 2005 – Education Week
The Oklahoma Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of a school district that had fired, and then was forced to reinstate, a teacher after she refused to use a commercial science program.
January 26, 2005 – Education Week
Voters showed caution about sending more money to public schools or dramatically changing course on education policy, as they decided school-related questions on state ballots last week.
November 10, 2004 – Education Week

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