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In a decision designed to spark a transformation of New Jersey’s school finance formula, the state board of education concluded last week that poor rural districts have been shortchanged in a state known nationally as a leader for providing billions of dollars in extra aid and programs to its poor urban districts.
January 11, 2006 – Education Week
Timothy M. Kaine, the newly elected governor of Virginia, told a crowd of supporters during his election-night acceptance speech that one of his first plans is to carry out his campaign promise to start a universal prekindergarten program.
November 16, 2005 – Education Week
California Rejects Education Measures; New Jersey and Virginia Pick Governors
November 9, 2005 – Education Week (Web)
Case studies of supplemental education services funded under the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act.
November 2, 2005 – Education Week
In an attempt to detect and solve problems earlier, New Jersey has revised the system by which it monitors school districts.
October 12, 2005 – Education Week
New Jersey’s tattered statewide school construction program likely played a part in the lower-than-average passing rate for school construction proposals in balloting last week in 39 districts.
October 5, 2005 – Education Week
Developments continue to unfold around New Jersey’s beleaguered school construction program.
August 31, 2005 – Education Week
Only about 20 percent of the construction and renovation projects the New Jersey Schools Construction Corp. approved for the state’s neediest districts will move forward, the state agency announced late last month, because it has run out of money.
August 10, 2005 – Education Week
New Jersey Commissioner of Education William L. Librera has announced he will resign Sept. 7 to take a post at Rutgers University’s graduate school of education.
August 10, 2005 – Education Week
An advisory panel to the New Jersey state board of education has recommended that poor rural districts be considered for designation as “special needs” school districts, a move that could obligate the state to provide intensive support for those systems, as it does for its poorest urban districts.
July 13, 2005 – Education Week

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