New Hampshire

Five years ago, officials at Contoocook Valley Regional High School in New Hampshire were so concerned about what they perceived to be overzealous military recruiters that they adopted a policy intended to bring about some order.
October 26, 1983 – Education Week
Four nuns in New Hampshire who sued their bishop, their superintendent, and the diocesan school board after being fired from their teaching jobs last year will be reinstated as part of an out-of-court settlement announced May 19.
June 1, 1983 – Education Week
New Hampshire's attorney general will argue that public education is a state and local responsibility but that the state is not obligated to ensure equal funding among school districts, an opinion some local school-board members are preparing to support in the lawsuit over the legality of the state's school-funding method.
April 14, 1982 – Education Week
A suit is to be filed within the next few weeks challenging the constitutionality of New Hampshire public schools' heavy reliance--the heaviest in the nation--on local property taxes.
November 16, 1981 – Education Week

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