New Hampshire

Schools—and more specifically, how to pay for them—are at the center of next week's primary elections the Granite State.
September 6, 2000 – Education Week
With some Granite State districts threatening to shut down schools within weeks, the New Hampshire legislature approved a stopgap measure last week to finance schools for four more years.
November 10, 1999 – Education Week
New Hampshire lawmakers scrambled last week to come up with yet another plan to pay for schools this year after the state supreme court effectively crippled the finance overhaul that took effect just over three months ago.
October 27, 1999 – Education Week
Educators and legislators in New Hampshire were celebrating last week following the long-awaited adoption of a plan to solve the state's school funding crisis.
May 5, 1999 – Education Week
The New Hampshire House and Senate last week came to enough of a consensus on how to resolve the state's education funding crisis that some observers were predicting schools would be able to continue operations when their new fiscal year begins July 1. Such an outcome has not seemed at all certain lately.
April 28, 1999 – Education Week
With a court-imposed deadline bearing down on them, New Hampshire legislators last week were still squabbling over the best way to fix the state's school finance system.
March 17, 1999 – Education Week
The upcoming session of the New Hampshire legislature should reveal whether the just-concluded November elections will change the state's response to the challenge of financing public education.
November 25, 1998 – Education Week
After spending six months working on a new system to finance public education in New Hampshire, the legislature last week reached the end of its session with nothing to show for its work.
July 8, 1998 – Education Week

What's adequate for one state might not be adequate for another.

At least that's what the members of a New Hampshire group, handpicked by the governor, have learned during their quest to define "educational adequacy."

February 11, 1998 – Education Week

Despite a recent state supreme court ruling that New Hampshire's school funding system is unconstitutional, Gov. Jeanne Shaheen gave legislators no specific instructions last week on how to repair the finance formula.

January 14, 1998 – Education Week

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