A task force studying educational improvement in Nebraska has called for a long list of reforms, including a new school-finance formula, far more state aid for schools, higher pay and longer contracts for teachers, a master-teacher program, and the establishment of statewide high-school graduation requirements.
October 12, 1983 – Education Week
Several fundamentalist schools in Nebraska opened their doors last week, despite court orders that they remain closed until they receive state certification. And the county attorney in the most widely-publicized school case said the school's leaders still could face jail sentences.

Cass County Attorney Ronald Moravec said he would decide this week whether to prosecute the leader of the Faith Christian School in Louisville, the Rev. Everett Sileven, and parents of the children attending the unsanctioned school.

September 7, 1983 – Education Week
The Nebraska Education Policy Commission, appointed by Gov. Charles Thone in September, has recommended guidelines on "student competencies" for voluntary use by the state's schools.

The report says Nebraska schools should work to ensure competence in communication, computation, reasoning, responsibility (by teaching of economics and civics), arts and humanities, physical and mental health, and "learning to learn" as a lifelong process.

January 26, 1983 – Education Week
At least eight fundamentalist Christian churches in Nebraska are currently involved in legal disputes with the state over the regulation of the schools they operate, and that number is expected to grow unless the state legislature can arrive at a regulatory scheme that is acceptable to both sides--something it found impossible to do last year.
September 29, 1982 – Education Week

Nebraska's legislators last week unanimously approved a bill prohibiting sex discrimination in education and employment in the state's public schools and colleges.
March 24, 1982 – Education Week
Sacramento, Calif--A single, more difficult proficiency test should replace the 377 different district-developed tests that now determine who graduates and who doesn't from California's high schools.

This recommendation is one of six presented to the California state board of education earlier this month by the Students Advisory Board on Education, a group sponsored by the California Association of Student Councils.

March 24, 1982 – Education Week
Of 18 new Nebraska private schools recently granted approval from the state to open this fall, 12 are Christian, affiliated with either a major denomination or a fundamentalist group, according to the state's department of education.
September 21, 1981 – Education Week

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