September 5, 1990 – Education Week
April 18, 1990 – Education Week
November 15, 1989 – Education Week
Gov. Kay A. Orr of Nebraska signed legislation last week that will allow students to transfer to schools outside of their home districts beginning in the 1990-91 school year.
May 31, 1989 – Education Week
The continuing debate in Nebraska over rural-school consolidation "has poisoned the well'' of education "so deeply that a dramatic purging will be required to cleanse the whole system,'' a new study sympathetic to rural interests concludes.
April 6, 1988 – Education Week
Reflecting the growing nationwide interest in holding schools more accountable for student achievement, a new report commissioned by Nebraska's legislature calls for sweeping changes in the state's system of school evaluation and accreditation.

"There is no clear portrait of the condition of education in Nebraska,'' the report, released late last month, concludes. "Current evaluation processes more often measure quantity rather than quality.''

March 23, 1988 – Education Week
Taxpayer groups in three Nebraska communities have moved to oust their local school boards to protest property-tax hikes that the boards claim were forced in part by reductions in state education aid.
October 21, 1987 – Education Week
Nebraska's unicameral legislature is expected to open debate soon on a bill that would place before voters a constitutional amendment calling for the abolition of the state board of education.
March 2, 1987 – Education Week
Lincoln, Neb--Gov. Robert Kerrey has signed into law a historic school-consolidation and state-aid bill that could change the shape of Nebraska public education and affect hundreds of the state's rural schools.
May 8, 1985 – Education Week

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