Elections 2002For the first time anyone in Nebraska can remember, elections for the state school board likely will come down to a recount to decide one winner's seat.
November 20, 2002 – Education Week
Stormy Dean wants to make the ambitious leap from his local school board directly to the governor's office.
October 2, 2002 – Education Week
Nebraska's enactment last week of a new plan of statewide academic standards and assessments leaves Iowa as the nation's lone holdout in the movement to embrace at least some variety of uniform state testing.
April 19, 2000 – Education Week
Nebraska's new property-tax lid has apparently speeded up school district mergers. But whether that result is ultimately deplorable or desirable depends on whom you ask.
September 16, 1998 – Education Week
The Nebraska Supreme Court has handed Boys Town a financial victory, ruling that the state must compensate the venerable private institution for educating wards of the state.
September 16, 1998 – Education Week

Absolute local control would no longer be the mantra of Nebraska schools, under an education bill moving through the legislature this session.

March 25, 1998 – Education Week

Nebraska lawmakers have revamped the state's school finance formula--some say at the cost of forcing small schools to close.

June 11, 1997 – Education Week

The largest school districts in Nebraska are bypassing the state school boards' association and using a new coalition to carry their needs to lawmakers.

February 19, 1997 – Education Week
Facing a widespread shortage of substitute teachers, the Nebraska state school board last week considered a proposal that would allow substitutes without a bachelor's degree into the classroom.
January 22, 1997 – Education Week

In a campaign of conflicting messages and unusual alliances, Nebraska voters might feel they need a score card to keep track of who supports a pair of education-related ballot measures.

October 23, 1996 – Education Week

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