South Delta Elementary School is the kind of place Gov. Ronnie Musgrove of Mississippi had in mind when he announced that his state was the nation's first to provide an Internet-accessible computer in every public school classroom.
April 2, 2003 – Education Week
At a time when many states are pondering cuts to their education budgets, Mississippi's governor signed off last week on a major increase in school funding for the coming fiscal year.
February 12, 2003 – Education Week
Gov. Ronnie Musgrove boasted in his State of the State Address last week that Mississippi had reached its goal of installing an Internet-ready computer in every classroom in the state.
January 15, 2003 – Education Week
Mississippi teachers will see pay raises starting this fall—after the legislature decided in a one-day summer session that their pay shouldn't be held hostage to a sputtering economy.
August 8, 2001 – Education Week
Representatives in a long-running desegregation lawsuit involving Mississippi's higher education system have reached a $503 million settlement that is intended to address decades of deliberate racial segregation in state colleges and universities.
May 2, 2001 – Education Week
Some high school students in the Midwest skipped class to help sandbag buildings in flood-threatened towns along the Mississippi River last week, as rising waters closed some schools and turned others into shelters.
April 25, 2001 – Education Week
No state but Mississippi has passed a law such as this: All public schools shall post "In God We Trust" in every classroom, auditorium, and cafeteria. "Our nation was founded as a godly nation, and we put it on our money," Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, a Democrat, said as he signed the bill into law March 23.
April 4, 2001 – Education Week
Forty-one Mississippi school districts have been accused of failing to provide their workers with mandatory overtime pay totaling millions of dollars. The charges have come in a flurry of recent lawsuits that legal experts say could spark copycat litigation in other states.
October 11, 2000 – Education Week
Mississippi teachers are scheduled to receive raises aimed at increasing their pay to regionally competitive levels, under a bill signed last week by Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.
May 10, 2000 – Education Week
The Mississippi Association of Educators did something recently that had never happened before: The state's largest teachers' union endorsed a Republican for lieutenant governor.
October 13, 1999 – Education Week

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