A court ruled that a Massachusetts district did not violate the rights of the parents or children by exposing them to books they found objectionable on religious grounds.
February 6, 2008 – Education Week
Despite ideological differences, three gubernatorial veterans in the 2008 presidential race share some experiences in dealing with education.
December 19, 2007 – Education Week
While it may sound like a given that added learning time can translate to better test scores, research suggests that whether it does remains an open question.
December 12, 2007 – Education Week
Boston public schools that want to join the district’s network of “pilot” schools can tap into a new fund to help pay for planning and implementation.
December 12, 2007 – Education Week
The schools were conceived in 1994 as the district's reponse to charters.
November 14, 2007 – Education Week
With the costs of attending many independent schools climbing sky-high, one Boston school has declared a year off from boosting tuition.
November 7, 2007 – Education Week
Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell is proposing to bring all school employees under one insurance plan, rather than have individual school districts continue to provide their own.
October 3, 2007 – Education Week
State officials are examining the plans to see if they are legally viable in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
September 19, 2007 – Education Week
Carol R. Johnson is expected to officially begin work in Boston next month.
July 18, 2007 – Education Week
Gov. Deval L. Patrick has spelled out an ambitious set of goals for the coming decade that has education interest groups supporting his vision.
June 13, 2007 – Education Week

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