Iowa school officials have "a clear right" to ensure that private religious schools employ certified teachers and comply with state curriculum requirements, the state's highest court ruled late last month.
June 5, 1985 – Education Week
Following are summaries of how education measures fared in states that have concluded their current legislative sessions.
May 22, 1985 – Education Week
The Iowa Senate has approved a bill that would allow some parents dissatisfied with local schools to send their children to neighboring districts at no cost.

The bill, which passed in the Senate by a vote of 27 to 18, is aimed at ensuring that students who live in small school districts have access to the same courses as students in larger districts.

May 8, 1985 – Education Week
Iowa has joined the ranks of states considering mandatory consolidation or state takeover of school districts that are unable to meet minimum educational standards, including broad curriculum offerings, incentives for teachers, and school-business partnerships.
November 7, 1984 – Education Week
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has vetoed a bill approved by the legislature last month that would have established a new certification system for teachers.

The certification bill--which was supported by the state's major teachers' organization and opposed by the Iowa Department of Public Instruction--would have created a new certification board that included teachers and required prospective teachers to pass a basic-skills test, as well as professional and subject-matter tests, before receiving a certificate.

May 30, 1984 – Education Week
When Lisa Becker first considered playing intercollegiate basketball, the thought did not occur to her that she might have a better chance for a scholarship if she played the sport a state other than Iowa.
September 14, 1983 – Education Week
A state associate-court judge ruled earlier this month that a Muscatine, Iowa, couple may continue to teach their children at home.

Judge James A. Weaver said he was not convinced that Jesse and Nancy Shuler, who removed their three children from the public schools last year, were breaking Iowa's laws on home schooling.

August 31, 1983 – Education Week
The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that school boards may offer teachers cash incentives for early retirement without negotiating the issue.
June 2, 1982 – Education Week

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