Iowa lawmakers have narrowly approved a bill that puts that state at the leading edge of 1989's hottest education-reform wave: school choice.
March 15, 1989 – Education Week

When Randall Clegg, superintendent of schools in Dumont, Iowa, was forced to announce the closing of the town's only high school last year, he tried desperately to come up with some sort of special treat he could offer the students "to take the sting away."
January 18, 1989 – Education Week
Under persistent and intensive pressure from home-schooling advocates, the Iowa General Assembly has placed a one-year moratorium on enforcement of the state's compulsory-education laws.
May 4, 1988 – Education Week
Virtually all of Iowa's 436 school districts have submitted plans for spending $42 million appropriated by the legislature for hikes in teacher pay, but few will tie the raises immediately to better performance, education officials report.

All of the 427 plans submitted to and approved by the state education department last month call for differential pay for teachers. Only 56 plans, though, propose for the first year of the program to award raises based partially or entirely on classroom performance.

March 16, 1988 – Education Week
A group of Iowa taxpayers has asked a federal district court to strike down a new state law that allows parents to claim income-tax credits and deductions for tuition and other expenses at public and private schools.
October 28, 1987 – Education Week
A plan by the Iowa Education Department to toughen school-accreditation standards has touched off a debate over who will pay for school improvement, and whether small rural districts would be forced to consolidate if they do not meet minimum standards.
October 14, 1987 – Education Week
Iowa's secretary of state has proposed conducting a major voter-registration drive for high-school students on school campuses across the state.

Secretary of State Elaine Baxter said such an effort should be part of an overall campaign to improve students' understanding of the political process and to encourage their participation. She said she would ask the state education department to assist in the effort.

September 9, 1987 – Education Week
Iowa lawmakers--in a major victory for supporters of private education--passed legislation last week that will provide families with income-tax credits and deductions for private- or public-school expenses.
May 20, 1987 – Education Week
Washington--The U.S. Supreme Court declined last month to hear the argument of a Charles City, Iowa, Baptist church that the school it operates is protected against state regulation by the First Amendment.

The suit, Pruessner v. Benton (Case No. 85-671), stems from a 1982 decision by the Iowa Board of Public Instruction to deny the church's request that its members be declared exempt from compliance with the state's truancy law.

January 8, 1986 – Education Week
As the farm crisis swells Iowa's budget deficit, Gov. Terry Branstad is proposing a freeze on state spending for fiscal 1987, just three months after he imposed a 3.85 percent across-the-board cut in current spending.
December 18, 1985 – Education Week

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